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The Problem with Made Up Holiday



Now, let me put this out of the way; *** Pride Day IS a holiday, it's just not the one that everyone cares about; like Easter, and Thanks Giving, Christmas, and Halloween, and some others. Unless you write it down somewhere, you'll never know it's *** Pride Day. Also, I have nothing against gays or anything. I mean, if you want to like your own gender, I don't care. If you want to go out in the woods and have 'fun' with trees, I don't care as long as I don't see you do that. So, story time!

Okay, so, there's this teacher, or whatever, counselor? I don't even think he has an actual job. Anyway, I walk into school, sporting my BAMF looking hoodie on top of my cranium, walk over to my friends before the bell rings, and then, I see this guys face. Let's call him, Dr. Annoying. So, Dr. Annoying walks over, and I instantly remember, "I'm wearing my hood inside the building again..." and take it off. This is because he used to walk over to me and tell me to remove it. I think this is dumb! Why can't I wear a hood in school? Am I too BAMF for the school? Is that it? Anyway, even if my hood is removed by the time I spot him, he still walks over to me, but instead of talking directly, he walks past me, touches my shoulder, and says, "Thanks, sir." Now, that creeps me out. 1) Because he touches me. 2) Because he calls me sir. I'd like to be called sir, but when says it, it sounds really weird. Anyway, it caused me to not like Dr. Annoying.

And I realized I didn't like him even more, today. Me and my friends, chillin' out, eating lunch, studying words for the vocab test in the next class, and so. We also have discussions. Today it somehow got to history, which lead me to say something like, "What if History is just a misunderstanding of what really happened?" So, me, being a brony, start thinking about the Rainbow Factory (If you don't know what it is and you're a brony, you need to learn more about the community.) Now, it's basically a factory that people are failures in life come to die to be turned into rainbows. However, no one but the workers are allowed to know. The rest of the world thinks it's a very special job that you get chosen for. So, we were talking about how, "Why don't we get all the people who suck at life, and send em off to a rainbow factory?" And so on. However, for some odd reason, the one time we discuss this is *** pride day. Which means, "Rainbows on ALL the walls!" When did rainbows resemble ***? It doesn't make any sense!

So, Mr. Annoying walks over, and he's all like, "What are we talking about? Anything to do with *** Pride Day?" We all say 'no' to get him to leave. When he finally does, one of friends says, "He thinks we were making fun of gays." And I'm thinking, "WHEN THE F**K DID RAINBOWS BECOME A '***' THING?!?!" I was so upset that this guy thinks we would make fun gays! It's so stupid! It's because of the all the Swaglos who go to my school, who actually DO make fun gays! So now, Mr. Annoying thinks EVERYONE makes fun of gays. God, I hate society and how we can't have nice things without.

On a side note, I can't say 'black' or else everyone thinks I'm racist. "Can you pass me a black colored pencil?" "OMG THAT'S SSSSOOO RACIST!!!" God, I hate people so much...


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And do you have a white guy who thinks he's black? And in my form try to inquire if someone said a certain word this black guy will come an attack you... luckily he is scared of me and my friend because he is smaller than us by about 1/2 a foot and if he does attack someone I pull him off of them and then he tries to push me for protecting them and I don't retaliate

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Dr. Annoying somehow finds a way to make everything awkward. He puts his hand on your shoulder and says to the whole table "So how we doing?" And he creepily stares until we all answer him. I've never actually met his eyes, whenever he talks to me I just stare straight forward and respond to what he says, but he tapped on my shoulder repeatedly until I followed his gaze to the rainbow flag. "So? Why we talking about rainbows?" Yeah, he's one of the teachers who says "we" as if he is part of whatever group he is talking to. I think he just gravitates towards loud words, because when someone yells "CHICKEN!", he would go over and ask "So what's this I hear about chicken? What we talking about?" So I guess we said rainbow too loudly... and it's not like we always talk about rainbows, the one day we do happened to be the day when the entire school is rainbowfied. Probably not irony, but close. Oh and guess what? Some 6th grade kids were popping the balloons, and Dr. Annoying never even batted his glazed over eyes! But he hears rainbow and he comes running to snuff out the disturbance! AGH!

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