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Well great ~Explicit~



Yeah this is a warning I'm upset (again) probably something that'll seem pointless (again) in the morning but I'm mad/annoyed so I'm swearing.

So I take pride in the fact that I don't get angry easily and when I do it's a mild irritable thing and I don't really care. Well my parents seem to have done it again.

So today I get home from school and an after school activity at 5:30. I do homework til around 7 and than went downstairs to relax and play on my computer. My mom walks by and says, "Why don't you go out and keep your dad company?" (he's doing something with sterlingsilver to make parts so she can make jewlery, which by the way costs more in time and money than to just by the rings) to which I kind of cringe (not cringe but best word to describe) at. Well she walks away than comes back (note I'm putting my lap top away) and says, "I give up. We've tried getting you into hobbies (how often does a kid really get into a hobby his parents make him try?) and you don't do them. Your father got the (forget name) saw because he thought you'd be interested in it. We told you you're getting about the age where you should be thinking about buying/making gifts. (which I do just not to them, anyway they said last year that I shouldn't til I have a job) Yet all you do is sit there on your computer. It'd be fine if you were working on your HTML. (funny thing is is that I said I want to learn programming, not HTML in particular, my mom wants me to manage something on her eBay page for her, that's why she has me learning it. At least I figure) What do you get out of your game at the end of the day?"

So I didn't respond because that's how I believe you should treat parents with respect and everything I wanted to say was disrespectful. "What do I get from my game? Relaxed, entertained, getting to talk to people I'd never fucking meet without these games."

"Why the fuck do I have to have a productive hobby? Why can't I just play my games? I'm not bothering anyone!"

"You could have much fucking worse kids than me, sure I don't do much but at least I don't go out and break laws and fuck every girl in the school who's willing to like a large portion of my grade. At least I follow most of your damn rules!"

I'm just flustered by all of it...

So I go out to where my dad is and ask him if he needs any help and he goes on a rant about how I don't do the dishes (which I always do after homework and they always decide to do during so I seem lazier), take care of the chickens, (he knows I'm forgetful, I forget EVERYTHING and so decided to start taking care of them) how I don't walk the dogs or offer to at 9 at night (which a slight fear of the dark (yes I'm slightly afraid of the dark, amplified by the Internet) happens to be common among his 4 children) or the laundry (which I was used to that being my brothers job as when he was home always did it) and went on and on about 'don't you find it weird that me and your mother are up to 11pm working on that eBay buisness?' (how the fuck is that relevant) and told me to go do the laundry. So I do and than ask them what to do with some odds and ends and they respond to me like I'm a fucking five-year-old but we just don't usually pull them out. Also while I'm folding the laundry I hear them talking about me and so on making snarky comments and stuff. So I go watch TV for an hour and than decide to go to bed and read so I say good night and they respond with,"Going to be so early?" "He's just pouting that we yelled at him. You could've come out here and helped us with this, your father and us had a really nice night." To which I respond, "No I want to read." and walked away.


Really what I've come to get out of this is that my parents just fucking hate video games. Unlike all my friends parents haven't even tried to play them and bitch about me playing them. I'm sorry I enjoy what allows me to relax after school (which I realize isn't that bad compared to work and so on but for some reason it is in my mind... Mostly I guess to please my parents ._.) Oh hey first emoticon! But seriously they take any chance they can to take a swing at my video games. I'm just fucking sick of them hating on it.

Well if you read through my pointless rant it's stupid yes but to me it's just fucking annoying... I don't know. On the upside after getting really mad my eyes turn blood red and bring out the blue in my eyes and it's really epic looking.




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Aww Carter ....sorry your parents don't understand your love of the game. Some parents never had the games that are there now ...have you tried to show them Minecraft ? You should clean your letter up and tell your parents ....this is where you go to get away ...it is your hobby...and the rest of what you said about not going out and getting in trouble. Don't be nasty ...just explain it to them. How you are socializing and learning code as well as HTML ....from people all over the world from ages 7 to 54 (yes 54) Hope things work out for you :)

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Haha thanks Barb. I've tried numerous occasions, but to only get the response, "Wow that looks terrible it's so pixelated" etc. Than I expoain how that's the graphics style and she just brushes it off. So, I pulled out the big gun, put on the best texture pack I could find and showed her the upcoming spawn and she just rolled her eyes.

My dad won't hear anything of it he hates video games moreso than my mom. Also note that they are one year older than you Barb which makes me kind of laugh.

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My mom just came up and said, "Sorry we were so grumpy with you the other night but you can't spend it all playing that stupid game, you need to do something redeeming with your time."

I'm sorry but when I last checked I feel pretty damn redeemed after an hour of any game on my computer, It's the same feeling as reading a book to be honest or watching a movie. It relaxes and let's me enjoy things I normally wouldn't be able to do.

How redeemed does she feel after working for 4 hours strait making things for her eBay store (which is her hobby) needing to get everything made by the time she goes to bed. Than talks about it stressing her out. I personally find being relaxed a redeeming factor, unlike stress with some cash.

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No problem, they strongly disagree with anything violent (game wise/most TV show wise)

And I've come to believe it part of human nature.

But I'm glad that there are adults who give these things a chance

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