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Recent Difficulties



Before I start, yes. This will be a rant.

A piece of work that me and some friends created was taken from the class under the teacher's supervision, not by our group though. So of course she proceeds to blame it on us and commands us to make it again for our next class. Now we have to recreate something that we had almost three weeks to work on in the space of two days. Between the three of us, we have to create the poster and cook shortbread.

There is only one guy in our group that knows how to cook shortbread. And then, of course, my his grandmother dies, and he's told smack in the middle of a Math test. As if the guy weren't having a bad enough day as it was... Now it is quite likely he will be out of school for a few days, leaving this thing to me and the other person in our group.

The general point that I'm trying to get to right now is that I'm pissed. Normally I don't complain about things at all, but this just went too far.

- An enraged Moose.


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