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what I think of my new phone so for



well hear it goes my first blog, hope you like it

walking down the stairs on Christmas day, I when through all the gifts Santa had given me this year and well it seems I have been very good this year as what do I find in upon my chair (in are house all gifts are placed on individual chairs)

a new phone! and so far the Samsung galaxy ace 2 hasn't given me one bit of trouble, the touch screen is big but of a size I can comfortable fit inside my pocket, and is so much easier to use than my old HTC and plays movies from YouTube without stopping once and with email built in its like having a laptop I can put in my pocket it. even has sat nav built in with Google maps and when I haven't any WiFi it only costs a £1.00 a day to use data and after that O2 stop charging. :)

this phone is a great value for money because its from Santa so its free, and to me is better than most of the new phones out there,

far instance my sister who has a Samsung galaxy S2 wouldn't buy the S3 because there's effectively no difference other than an even larger screen

and I wouldn't buy the S3 because its just my phone with a larger screen, and I d not want nor need a bigger screen because I can play the piano on my phone :D , so why would I need a bigger screen?

and the piano isn't the only app I have gotten since Christmas, with millions of free apps in the easily accessible 'play store' I have all ready got a large collection and it takes no time at all to access then and load them

to sum up this phone is to me the best phone your money could buy with value in mined cause its basically the S2 but better and far less money even if your not getting it from Santa ;)

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