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I might as well



Hmm. So we can have multiple blogs on JR, eh. That's great. I have a main blog (external). Feel free to follow me there for relatively frequent updates.

Anyway, I was thinking today about something. I've learnt to keet my distance after enough bad experiences. Sure, I would be a good friend, but I wouldn't end up attaching myself to anyone emotionally.

So, there's this girl at school that I've been good friends with for about one and a half a year now; she's my classmate. She's very honest, innocent, and simple. Lately, I've been more open about how I feel about her. I've told her I am really glad to be friends with her and stuff (and I really am).

Today, she wrote me a mail, and talked about this other guy who she talked to when I was absent from school the other day. And I was instantly so jealous and everything. I mean, she's not even my girlfriend and I'm still so jealous. I think I am being possessive. It sucks :(

There's nothing I can do about it.

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