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reasons why i might not play on jr anymore. a little bit of a rant depending everyone's personal definiton of it



1. ericjjincson got away with killing me by having me tp to him and i was in a lava pit ,which i lost around 15 iron blocks,lots of gold,diamonds,diamond tools,lots of good stuff. 2.i wanted to help people so i was going to sign up and part of it was so i didnt have to worry about stuff like ericjjincson happening again. 3.when they realeased the new jrcraft EVERYTHING IN MY ENTIRE INVENTORY WAS GONE and i was having it good again and i'd filed a report about that, i jump on and nothing was done about it at all. 4. i cant even afford to go premium ; jamie, do you really think kids 14 and down have that much money?!! and also most parents wont pay that much. and with all of this im getting really annoyed and tired of it. oh when ericjjincson killed me i filed 2 reports about it and nothing was done. And im sorry jrcraft people but i dont think i want to play with all of whats happened.


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1) When was this

2) Okay, I don't think your ranting about that

3) That was the same with everyone not just yourself and everyone is coping well.

4) You don't have to get premium, it's not a must. And smart, do you think I can afford the 210 euros that we pay a month for the server without it?

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