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why me and all at once?



as I got into my bed last night around ten I jump in as normally when suddenly,

a very bad cracking sound followed be a very big crack in my bed :info: could be seen, I had broke my bed now I now what your thinking, (well now we now :ph34r: who ate all the pies) well actually I'm only 11 and a half stone which is 75% lighter of anyone else of my height and I go to the gym after school

the reason as to why it broke is the fact that I have had it since I could remember, why it didn't break before I have no idea but it seemed to be held together by dole joints not exactly built for a teenager and this ended a very strange day as I felt it was Friday so turned up to the wrong class and when in class, are in free's I had no work

and now I'm sleeping in a spare double bed which is so more comfortable than my old one which I'm sad to see the back of since I have had it for so long and now today it snows with the ground wet and it lies, what on earth is going on :huh: , is existence crumbling into nothing are am I just in a coma and I will never remember any of it once I wake up, are has my logic just been denied by the world for the first time?


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