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my experience of work experience



my work experience started early on a Monday morning around 6:30 am where I went up to Belfast getting there at around 9:30 were I met the geologist that would be taking me for work experience we started by driving to a meeting in some findings of a previous geophysical survey and on the way he told me of all the thinks he has done in his career such as going to Africa south america and Australia and told me he once was dropped off in a jungle were he hoped to be fund later that's just how remote the places these places are for mining and such he once was chased by :ph34r: baboons in Africa! :info:

on the second day we met at my holiday home were it was so snowy we couldn't get up the road so had to walk, once up we did a geophysical survey near are second home of which i helped in he taking part and we found a fracture using the snow to mark were we measured, and as we sat down with the survey done having a coup of tea that my mum had made us he told me of work he had done in the area around mussenden temple, he sayed that the place is a death trap as every hole they drilled into the cliff side the was a large natural fracture in the rock and told the national trust it would be better to number the bricks and move it (its 18 inches from the cliff edge) but the trust ignored him and got an English engineering company to fill in the 'crack' but this however has made the problem worse even as its acted as a wedge. Though the English firm stated it would stay there for 100 more years the geology guy (he is so right) tells me its a death trap waiting to happen which is sad cause its used for weddings sometimes

the equipment we used that day was very specialist with one bit of kit being worth £12300 (VLF EM-16) of which there's only to company's in the world that make them and a military grade GPS which gives your position to the MM!

and after all that I really am looking forward to being a geologist cause it will mean I will never work a day in my life those were the best two days I have had this year :D


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