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[Updated] Dye'n my hair for Suicide Prevention Charity

k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me


As some of you may know through Facebook, I am going to dye my hair for charity, and not just your regular blue or red... I'm going all out rainbow!

This is for RAG week 2013 through the Student Union at my college which is a week where people raise money through different methods for charities in Ireland. the charity I have chosen is Be Aware! which is a Suicide Prevention Charity.

I chose this charity as I have lost a good friend of mine to suicide during last summer of 2012 and for another reason that I would prefer not to say. Also if I raise €75 or more I get free RAG week tickets (RAG week is also a week of inhumane amounts of alcohol and partying).

I am willing to accept donations through PayPal, so if you wish to donate message me and I'll send you my details.

Next Friday I will also upload photos of my new lush hair on both Facebook and a blog post here so you can all enjoy laughing at me...

I'm...... I'm probably not going to enjoy this :lol:




So here I am. Got my hair done yesterday in Tralee and I must say, looking fine I am :P The barbers Claude Monte in the square Tralee did my hair for only €20 for the bleaching and dyed my hair and cut it for free so that was really cool of them to charge so little. I would have uploaded them yesturday... But I was exhausted after the week so I went to bed instead. Also I was not able to do Rainbow as it would be too expensive and also by the time college starts after RAG week the dye would have ran into eachother. So instead I went blue. Anyway;

Heres my hair:


As you can see it is a bit purple ATM, but once I wash a few times then re-dye it should be a nice blue colour. Also, sorry about the picture quality... took it with my phone a few times and that was the best one so you'll have to live with it for a while until I can put up a decent RAG week photo of it.

Finally, in the week I had to raise money for Be Aware, I raised a total of €200. I also earned 2 sets of tickets along with that so I am going to sell the other lot for €30 making back the loss of getting my hair done plus another €10 for myself "Imported Juice" during RAG week. :P


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I'm...... I'm probably not going to enjoy this

Liar, your hair will be just like the Brony your soul is <_<

But good luck and have fun with your charity, and best of luck in winning your weekend of drinking yourself insane! XD


EDIT: Fixed, you brony you :P

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