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geography field trip



for the past three days (Wednesday 27th to Friday 1st) I have been doing field work for my geography AS level,

on the first day we went to the field centre in Magilligan before heading out to Coleraine to do are nearest neighbour where we had to mark on using a map, all the new's agents in Coleraine which turned out to be random which is what we though would be the case so that was good, later in Coleraine we did a sphere of influence to see how far away people had travelled and what there purpose was

and in the group of two confident social-able people and me, I was the only one who could bare actually asking and going through

the survey which was great fun, as all the people where really nice although the results were completely what we didn't think would happen, those who travelled little bought expensive things whilst those who came from afar bought cheaper thinks which is completely the opposite of what we expected we then spent the rest of are time walking around and buying things before heading back

on the second day we went and looked at the psammosere in the Umbra nature reserve which is ironic as its managed by man so is very unnatural, we spent the day taking soil samples, looking at plant diversity and wind speed coming up with hypothesis that the pH would decrease going inland and the soil moisture would also increase, the pH was probably the only thing that we managed to prove right to any extent the soil moisture had no pattern what so ever and so appears everything we learnt would be the case, wasn't the case

on the Friday we began to pack up and visited Breen wood, an oak woodland which was very nice looking and appeared for less managed than the Umbra that we where at on Thursday just a path that was being slowly over grown.

and I had great fun spoiling the Thursday night movie of which no one seemed to have seem before, (shawshank redemption)

great movie that I have seen so often I could almost tell you the words the actors would say next, and so I did. :P

the trip was also good as I got to learn about the people in my year more, and so seem less like strangers to me which is nice I do believe



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