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My adventures of the new JrCraft... (IIIIIM BACK!)



Hey guys!

I'm back on Jr now, cause I wanted to try minecraft again, and I'm lovin' it! :D

At first, I had a really tough time finding my way through the servers and worlds, cause I didn't know how they worked and there was noone else online (on the survival at least..)

I soon found out about the new system, so I tried the hardcore world first. Man, it is HARD CORE! I died in the first 30 minutes and ragequited to the creative world.

The first thing I noticed were the plots, which kind of make me sad, cause I feel restricted, even if my structures arent large enough to fill one... But it's organized, so it's also nice to have!

Anyways, I built a self-welcome back structure that took 15 minutes (you know me and my building method... I get spurs of insparation and I have to build it quick before I loose it)

I started building myself too, right next to zombie myself coming out of my grave.

I'm proud to see that Jr is running well and that most bugs are solved through the different servers! Now if we can find a way to either show who's online on the other worlds, or even chat through different worlds, that would be so awesome.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon on Jr! :D

The "good-old Mecmax445" ;)

PS You might have noticed that I'm not helper, and I'm not reclaiming my role back right now (unless I want some non-citizen features and I have more time to dedicate to Jr). But feel free to ask for any builds, cause that's pretty much the only thing I love doing!

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