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Algebra - How Society Fails It



So, my problem is that I'm having trouble sitting down and studying/learning Algebra. I have the brain power to do it, it's not like it's hard, I actually think it's fun sometimes! I'm just not motivated enough to do it. So, I was suggested to check out math games and stuff. It's all garbage! It's still the same problem, you just added a picture of a cat in the background! It's not any better! The only way to teach something to someone like me is to teach it, without the student knowing it.

For example, I used to HATE typing. The class that was teaching us to type faster was horrible and boring and was just the worst. Then I came across JRCraft. I then went through the ranks and my need to type faster increased and I actually taught MYSELF how to type. Now I can type like it's nothing. I don't need to look at the keyboard or even the screen sometimes. I never would have learned that in school. I learned that by not knowing I was learning it.

So, all the games are just a reskin of the problem, and it's crap. Why can't people understand this? I learned the basics of how economy works through Team Fortress 2's hat market! I can usually identify scams and sharking and that sort. I wouldn't learn this stuff in school. I think school's are failing by cramming knowledge into our heads instead of letting us experience the problem in a video game.

That's all I wanted to say. I was just getting really fed up by these crap games.


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When you goto college and learn semi-practical things, you're going to need this Math. Honestly, I think you should just get with it and learn this stuff. I regret hating Math and not having it as a subject in high school. Its coming back to bite me in my arse at college -_-

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*sigh* I hate math.

I'm above average at it. But I just don't like trying at it. It's just numbers click in my head. But tossing in formulas.


Formulas are what screw me. Why do you give me 5 ways to do this!! I only need one because with five I won't remember a specific one! My mind forces me to try knowing all of them but then mashes them into one big gangbang of a formula. ._.

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Math is just amazing. It's not the numbers that impress me. It's the way Math translates pure logic and philosophy into its common notation. It's just so neat to translate words and logical statements to variables.

<-- As you can see, my name suggests my love for Mathematics. I just reached 10th grade and I am already loving calculus. However, it's still nothing in front of the real Mathematics that you will have to learn in college if working for a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.  (Topology, Real Analysis..)

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