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Achievement Get: Progress!



Thought I'd just ramble for a bit, while I listen to Jamie rock & roll some over on Twitch, puts me in a happy mood ^_^

For starters, I've rejoined the PNX staff, since I'm clearly still here for a while, and I think I could easily help around the PNX site and servers. I especially want to help with the theme/layout/color scheme of the PNX site, at least getting it to match the main site some in terms of looking clean rather than scattered.

Why not return to JR? Well I'm still here - just not as staff. Staff members are those that have the time to volunteer their help, and while I could offer the time now, I can't play Minecraft anymore - it literally runs maybe at 2FPS on my system, yet I never see the CPU or GPU spike above 10% while it's running (and yes, I've tried the new launcher, doesn't make any difference there T_T).

Simply, I can't play Minecraft, so I sure as shit can't offer my help on the server! But I could offer my help on the Steam Servers again, plus I've now got the time to.

When I say 'I've got the time to', I mean that {Jamie starts playing "What I've Done" ^_^} I'm progressing nicely - when I stepped down from JR, and set on my current path, I weighed 280lbs. I have never weighed that much before in my life - and as an Eagle Scout that downright disappointed me.

These days, I'm down to 240 - enlisting in the Air Force means I've gotta be under 200 (197 if you wanna get technical). But I'm clearly getting there. By the same token, I'm clearly not dropping pounds like crazy. Zistack suggested a good idea for it, but I couldn't stick to it (essentially fasting to force the excess fat and calories to burn off) since I'm still helping Dad around the part during the day when the rest of the kids are at school.

But as I said, I'll be around - I've found a home in JR, and I like it here.

Onto a different thought train, I do still want to get into the Air Force. Why?

* I'm young, health, and single!

* I wanna see the world (and not have to pay for it)!

* I have debt following me, and they'll take care of a lot of it for me.

* I'll get a paycheck while in Tech school, technically even during Basic though I won't have access to it right away.

* For the length of the contract I sign, I'll have a guaranteed job!

That's some basic reasoning. but like I said, I'm halfway there, and getting back into shape. Seems like it's taking a while, but considering it normally takes twice the time to drop weight that it does to put it on, and I had a year and a half put that weight on & have dropped half of it in 4 months, I'd say I'm well on my way! Only gets slightly easier as I go, so I figured I could start helping Caly with the PNX site/servers during the evenings!

That's it for now, before I introduce a third point and just end up confusing myself, when I wanna go back to watching Jamie rock out! If you're reading this and it's still fresh (less than an hour or so), he might still be playing! http://www.twitch.tv/jrnetwork/new

You know you wanna click it ;)


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I cut out fizzy drinks and over the last month lost a stone 0_0 I was wearing a pair of jeans the last day that haven't fit me in 2 years xD Still lazy (if not lazier) as before (coming from the guy who got his brother to come down from the kitchen to turn on the tv for me, even though I was sitting about 2 feet away... if I leaned forward I would have reached it),,, Just goes to show how much crappy food influences weight gain... 

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Not just crappy food (*cough college meal hall*), but also the fact that I was sitting around all day when I wasn't walking to/from class.


I used to walk a mile to go to a Kroger to get fresh fruit, and I don't even want to think about how much fatter I'da been if I hadn't been doing that. O_O

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