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Looks like I still need to explain...



Alright, remember that time, a long time ago, when I was an admin? Yeah, a good amount of us do. And then I left, well I say I left. If you ask Jamie, he'll say I was demoted. Which is half right, as much as saying, "I resigned" is only half true. You see, near the end of my time as an admin, I realized that I don't want to do this anymore. It's not playing Minecraft anymore, it's a job. And at the time the server was a lot more populated, so problems were going on 24/7, and griefers were everywhere. I just wanted to play Minecraft, not stop an argument over who owns that dirt block. (Which was a real argument once.) So, when Jamie demoted me to mod, I said to myself, "Well, if this isn't the initiative to get out of dodge, I don't know what is." Because before, I was putting it off. "Meh, I'll ask next week," and so forth. And to be honest I was a really crappy and immature admin. I now know why there's an actual age minimum, so the server doesn't get another me wasting space. I was lazy, somewhat selfish and pretty cheaty, and I never told the other staff anything about me. All they ever got was my nickname, not even my full name, just my nickname. Nothing else. So after I got demoted to mod I asked about it and got citizen + (which sadly no longer exists). So Jamie's right, he demoted me and that got me to finally let it go, but I made that decision, to let it go. So we're both right. It was a collaborative effort, really. Now you may ask, "Why would you want to ever give admin, it's the best job ever!" Well I'm sure if you have the time and the dedication, it's a great time, but I'm not either of those. Now, I could have just hung around mod, but here's what would have played out: I would have hated Jamie for demoting me, and I'd slowly turn evil. Then I'd do something stupid to get me banned, and then I'd swear revenge on JRCraft and try to hack it and livestream it (You know who you are, Mr. "Let's hack JR and livestream it for the people of JR." But then again you're banned so I doubt you'll be able to read this.) There was a person who DID get banned it swore revenge and sometimes tries to DDOS the server, and he was an admin once. Basically, we all know the line, "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." I don't want to be the bad guy, so I left.

Now, this was brought up by someone who was complaining on the creative server about how he's super helpful and really nice and how he deserves admin but the age limit is stupid and he's totally ready... (You know who you are, too!) and was taking it out on me like it was my fault. I think it was because I crushed his dreams by speaking the truth, but the truth hurts, no way I could have sugar coated it for him... And then he tried to egg me on to say more to probably get me in trouble, but, one does not simply become an admin and not know how to handle an 11 year old with a temper not getting what he wants. So, HOPEFULLY, for those who actually READ the FORUMS will read this, understand the situation, and not have to ask. I mean, it's not like it was a terrible tragedy and I don't want to talk about it. If you ask, I'll tell you. I didn't have a great time and I didn't have the time, so I left. Simply as that. I would have put this in the Life of Iggy but this is online related. Online related goes in this blog. Real life is the Life of Iggy one.


Oh, and here's some proof that I'm legit. To find it, go outside from the adminship, then take the first left. Then take a right at the first intersection, and a left at the next. Then go straight on until you hit the NPC museum. Once inside go to the stairs at the back of the entry room, and behind the stairs there's the semi-secret JR Crypt!

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You made a lie in that. I know your real first name..... :3


But what you said about everything else is pretty much spot on.


one does not simply become an admin and not know how to handle an 11 year old with a temper not getting what he wants

I... I kinda want to put that in my sig now - all of them, here, PNX, Carbon Games, etc. O_O


Too true that is! XD

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