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The Armdys Update



So, for those new to JR, I am, obviously, Armdys. I've been part of JR for almost 2 years now, but haven't been as active with Minecraft for a numerous amount of reasons.

Now, what this blog is about is where I've been, what I've been doing. So over this Summer, I've been quite active playing soccer, helping my mom with her eBay shop and playing other games... well that's usually late at night. During last week, the week of the 14th, I went to a summer camp up in the Adirondacks (decently large mountain range in NE U.S.) and met a lot of new friends. Now a few things occurred (only one person knows the specifics on JR, don't ask, I probably won't tell XD) and have made me want to become a better person over all. During the week I quickly came to realize I'm not the... nicest of people. So I've been forcing myself to become a overall nicer person and by doing this I already have started to feel better. I've been happier, I've felt less tired and more. My next goal is to get in shape cause I'm also a bit chubby. XD I'm not obese, but I am a heavy guy and I'm not really strong either. So I'd like to make myself stronger and faster for soccer and my other sports. I am fast for my size, and I figure that if I shed this extra layer I'll be that much faster.

I'm also planning on making game help videos (mostly multiplayer games) as well as introductions to games and talking about betas I've made it into on Youtube.

This is all just little ways for me to become better, as well as have a hobby. I don't know why any of you would really care about any of this but I really needed to get it off my chest.




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