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MOOORE Work.... 15/12/2011

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Well I had a intresting day. At work I was given some instructions to fix some backup servers and redo some configuration. After I sorted it out I made the server e-mail me to see if the firewalls are working and allowing incoming and outgoing connections. I waited 10 mins to see if I got a e-mail.. .No. So i thought it might be some settings. So then I got told that I got sent some very important documents to my e-mail. So i thought okay I will check them out when i get home. Then I had some lunch and worked on the clients computers and I thought... "Okay time to see if the servers send ping from internal connections". Yep they did 100% recived to the clients. So now I had to hook up the main servers to the backups so they can share the same connection. Once i finished doing that I thought. mhmm I need to remember the access codes and study the firewall settings,, So I sent myself the documents though E-mail. When I got home I tried to open the mail and what do i get ladies and gentleman ?


What.... The.... Fuck....

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