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america, the land of milk and honey?



the following is the story of my trip to the USA, and what I though about the place

to get to the USA we boarded a plane in Dublin were we landed 7 hour's later in New York but as they are 6 hour's behind it only actually took 1 hour, in New York we mainly walked around the large city of which was set out in a grid but despite this ordered arrangement new York was very hard to navigate through and all since of direction appeared lost which is odd as in non-ordered cities in the UK, the first time walking around them is done easily.

in new York we where mainly there to see the famous building's, and place's like the empire state building and central park, whilst in the empire state building i bought a pocket watch of which I found rather nice

we also went to several restaurant's such as the steak and stack of which make the best burger's I have ever tasted and we also ate at a subway of which was perhaps the best sub I have ever had.

New York was very hot, with some day's being over 30 degree's Celsius all the time, and yet this never seem's to be seen in any movie's based in the city, were we where staying in Manhattan. I was also amazed to see so many different type's of people in this one area,

but as we moved out to ''Amish'' country the population appeared to become less diverse the Amish are defined as people's who do not have electric, have never used a PC and down drive are use machinery, therefore I can say it's all lie's sure some go about in there horse and cart but they also go about in there car's, and use farming machinery and have fridge's and electric and have PC's and the internet and over charge everything and don't like answering question's, despite being famed for hospitality's and corporation

so therefore it is fair to say these people are basically people who are just there to increase tourism, although they do have very funny name's for place's such as the town of ''intercourse'' and the school of ''leacock'' both real place's

we then went on to Washington D.C in the capital were we stayed at a nice hotel called the capital Hilton which over looked the rather smaller than I imaged it white house, we saw many thing's whilst in Washington such as the ''senate'', the ''pointy structure'' and the Abraham memorial, it was very hot that day also and make's me wonder how american's do any work at all, and why so little have swimming pool's.

america supposedly has a very obese population, but in all my time there I didn't actually see that many people that where over weight which appear's to me yet another myth about america busted, despite the recession america actually looked rather good with industry being built and infrastructure being improved. although the area known as ''Gary's town'' was very rough and dangerous with only the poorest resident's still living there, it reminded me of a person called Gary I know, this to me is his town.

we finally stopped off in Chicago where we saw many building's such as the sear's tower and we had the best steak I have ever placed upon my tongue it was delicious and we ate it along the river front and then we went to the wedding of one of my cousin's of which was much more lively than most northern Ireland wedding's I have been to.

the driving in america is terrible no one seem's to know how to actually drive and no one appear's to have any manner's whilst on the road compared to driver's back at home although there driving test is a lot simpler, just show up and you pass

to sum up what I thought of america I would have to say it's the culture of Europe for the people of the world and is strangely a nice place if you aren't having to continuously travel


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Well it sounds like you had a good time dining at least. You have to realize you only saw a very small part of America ...there are many different cultures here. The north has never been known for hospitality. The south on the other hand is always friendly. In the south they don't mind answering questions ...but be ready they are going to be firing them right back at you...lol  As a military brat (my Father was in the US Air Force) we traveled a lot so I have been in almost every state there is in the US as well as Glasgow, Scotland (for a few hours) and in Kaiserslautern, Germany for 3 years. I was nearly 5 when we left Germany. I think the south is the nicest part of our country but I will always have a soft spot for Alaska, which is as far north as you can go in the US. Also that area you said was "Gary's" town ...was that Gary Indiana ? Sounded like it. 

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yes Gary's town Indiana in are near Indianapolis. 

and if you ever have been to northern are even the republic of Ireland you would realise how much a shock it was to see so many people from around the world, I was amazed 

I would say I would have liked the trip a lot better if we spent are time in the lovely wooded countryside and perhaps gone mountain biking are something, such as in a place called Garrett county which we drove passed, that's my last name so was rather novel although the next time I go there I think I'll take your advise and go to more southern states 

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You should've swung up by the Great Lakes :P The Amish aren't that kind honestly >-> They're more of mooches than anything. Where I live it's nice wooded country and the people around here are nice for the most part :P

Also I know I'm 3 months late to the party but whatever!

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