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Development has continued once more on JR!



blog-0647973001403220503.pngJR has had many design changes in it's 9 years... yeah I think 9 years of existence. Some good, some bad. My website development and designing, IT career basically started here.

JR has taught me so much just by working on it and working and chatting to the community!

Recently I have had a long pause of development at JR and a huge break this is due to a lot that has been happening with my personal life, I have recently moved out from home, so I am now renting my own place and paying all my bills (Hard at first but becomes easier with time) I now have a full time job, I will not release where I am working for legal reasons due to my position and I am working full time.

Now I have a little more time to allocate though to my social life and well.. JR Life, since everything is settling down and I'm able to relax, think straight and have a bit more creativity within my website as you may have been able to see! I'd like to thank Xemnes with playing a huge part with graphics design for me as I have had an issue with photoshop and thank myself for actually having a bit of creativity for a change.

Anyway, more good things to come, if you like the changes please help us at JR by donating to us using paypal to sales@jrnetwork.net all money will be used to run our gaming servers and website servers, while I do have some extra money with all the bills I do pay I can't pay everything and JR can be a major drain from my pocket!

I hope you like the changes, please comment below on what you think so far during development and if you'd like to see any certain features get added to the website!

For now guys, Peace!


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I must add that I personally love the new design :) the colors, Logo placements, the design of the Icons, everything is more appealing :D as it's 1am my words to describe lacks... but like all I can say Jamie :) great work to you and whoever is helping with the back end developing it's really coming together and Great to see you back also !! JR Is not the same without you :D  

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Looking good ..like many new things ..it improves with age. Sorry I have not been around to see the changes ..I am trying toi sell my house take care of my mother and now move my business...little time to breath let alone play ,...I will be back to play soon though :)

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