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A new day in the life of Jamie



Recently, I have been so busy with loads of things, work, girlfriend, work and more work.

Sometimes you forget how much you do in a day but I thought I'd give you a bit of an insight in what I actually do.

I work in a business called Harvey Norman, it's a computers, electrical and bedding/furniture department store. Day in day out I sell to customers, give support, help out in the photo section I work closely with the managers making sure that the staff are performing up to standards. I'm in charge of extended warranty and the hardware section and it takes a lot of effort and work for the role I play. For example the last few days I've had to run our department, while doing this there are a lot more responsibilities. (complaints/refunds/replacements/making sure staff go on lunch and so forth).

Being honest, with work it's helping me learn how to organize and delegate my work better.

After work I generally come home tired, when I mean tired I mean tired. Most days all I want to do is sleep when I'm home. (Great I know).

I've started to really get my life back on track, not just with scheduling what I do better but actually eating a breakfast, it's helped me. I'm not as tired as much (yes it's a thing).

I'm glad that I've started to really work hard at JR when I can, I can't do it every day but when I can I work hard. My goal is to get everything working very stable so everyone can enjoy playing at JR. Whether minecraft or other games.

I don't blog much but I'm going to start to use this as a kind of outlet to help me concentrate better and give you guys an insight in the life of me. I hope you guys want to hear about me and if you don't it's cool just don't read any further :P

So that's that.. For now, more to come :)



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