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Changelog - 27/2/17

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These changes have happened since the last change log.

Website Changes

  • Help Center Added
  • Gameserver Wiki (This will be used for all docs related to our game servers)
  • Ticketing support updated and more accessible to use with Help Center
  • Our own server management application in beta Set to be released in the next week or so
  • Fixed an issue backend with admin groups and moderator groups
  • Fixed a bug when a administrator was to edit, add or delete support departments
  • Privacy policy updated
  • Contact us for at the bottom now submits a support ticket

Gameserver Changes


  • All servers updated to the latest spigot build which allows for 1.11.2 client support
  • Removed unnecessary plugins
  • Recreated permissions due to plugin changes
  • Switched from essentials to command book to reduce load on server and remove unnecessary features
  • Changed server side settings to use less RAM and CPU usage
  • Reset all maps and generated a big block radius (we will not do that without notification again)

Server Changes

  • Recompiled and updated Apache + PHP on website server
  • Updated required packages on all servers
  • PHP settings changed to help with server security
  • Removed some server files to save space
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