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Why JR is important for me



I don't get time to write, but I thought that a few of the topics I will write here deserve a blog article instead of a quick forum post and it's not really JR News material. This could be a rant, this could be a wall of text, but hell, I hope this is an interesting read for people who take the time to read through it.

I've been asked recently and for a few years, why keep JR running, why waste the money, why is it so important?

I hope your sitting comfortably.... because this maybe a long post.....

Money is material, I do need it, at this moment in time I seriously do need money, but if I gave up JR I'd save a ton of money but all my efforts would be for nothing. People spend thousands on their hobbies people restore and modify cars, invent new things, drink, smoke, collect unnecessary things and more. 

JR is that thing to me, I spend a lot on it yes but I don't do much else.

While I spend a lot on it if we dig down there are many reasons why I keep JR running.

This may sound weird to many of you but I keep JR running to keep a smile on peoples faces, gaming for many people is a great get away, so is the internet. I have a dark side, just like anyone else. I got bullied from a young age and when I mean bullied I mean bullied. I got hit, kicked, mentally abused and it has left a imprint in my head. People need a get away and I know for many users that use and have used the service over the past 11 or so years that this has been their getaway, their virtual home as it were.

JR is named JR due to it's original name Jamie's Rebellion. The reason for the name? Well read the paragraph above. I was rebelling against everything that was happening to me at the time.

Either way Jamie's Rebellion was my getaway, it was the one thing I could say was mine, 

JR has brought many challenges to the table and has helped me to grow the way I am now. I have learnt to code from JR, I have learnt to run servers, I have learn't how to listen to people, their problems and I have learnt to accept peoples opinions and work with them to make me and my site a better place. I always ask for feedback now as while JR is mine, I believe it's the communities as well.

JR has also brought many relationships to the table. Without realising it there has been in the past members and staff getting together, some who actually live with each other. Not that I condone ever meeting up with anyone on JR or online due to reasons that are coming to light more and more in todays society it's been amazing to see actually relationships that have forged through JR. If JR was not here, would they have ever got together ? I don't know.

JR also brings to light my creative side. I was never great at art in school in england (supposedly I can draw when I really want to), Though when you come to education I was never good in school, I was the guy who slept in every class towards the end of my school life because I was just giving up. But JR brought out something in me that really helped me to understand what I can do. Designing a website, making things work and bringing people together to get things to work, seems I'm half good at that.

JR has also brought to me many friendships that I cherish, while I don't show it half the time I actually care so much about the staff here and the people that have helped me get to where I am today. 

JR at one stage got rather big (thanks minecraft), and if you look at the member count you will understand that it got big, Now unfortunately that huge memberbase doesn't have everyone active but I'm hoping that we can as a community bring more people to JR to help increase our popularity. Not that popularity is what I want from this experience, it's the fact that if we don't get more popular and get JR earning money itself I don't know how I will continue to afford to fund things. (I normally find a way though)

Getting back on topic as I feel like as I write this things are just been thrown out, I'm not re-reading this because I want this a genuine piece from my brain.

After over 11 years of time I ain't going anywhere, JR is staying, I want this to continue to help make people smile, to help people in need and I want to continue learning from this roller-coaster experience. To the previous members if you are reading this, why don't you join back and chat to me personally, I'd be really interested to find out what brought you originally to JR, what you enjoy here and to the new or current members. I'm a human being as you may have noticed. If you message me I will chat to you, if you are ever in need to ever speak to someone if you are down, message me. 

My mental health is getting better and if you noticed I said earlier in this post JR was a getaway. It's not so much a getaway for me now, it's a part of my life that I am glad to have in my heart.

If you are ever suffering and you need help, remember JR is always there for you.



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