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Recent Development



I haven't posted much in this blog in recent time. But now due to many changes around JR I feel we must.

Currently I have been focusing on the following topics for developing JR further:

  • Simplicity. (JR currently has so many areas, how can we make the experince easy)
  • What we do. (JR is a gaming website, but many gamers come on and don't understand what we are about)
  • How we operate. (JR has become quiet, we need to increase our community by changing how we operate)
  • What we look like. (We are a gaming community, we need to look like a gaming community, I have started to change things around and I have been developing a new look and feel)

The new look

We are undergoing a transformation, currently it is not live as the default look but it will become the default look when completed or when I feel it's at a stage where not much will change further. 

The new look consists of a few points which expands out 10 fold, the main points so far:

  • A new easy to use navigation and header area. (This will allow more space for content and be even easier to find things around JR)
  • A content shake up, JR's blogs, forums (including the categories), main pages are been redesigned or reworded and changed to be easy to read and understand

Here is a sneak peak of the new menu:


When hovering over a menu item:


Gaming stats and servers

JR as you may or may not know runs multiple gaming servers, we have done from near the very start. We have removed some recently due to high resource usage for very little players. Our main servers have been kept. But we have removed the most troublesome servers so we can focus on what works.

Due to these servers been removed we have had to clear all playerstats as currently our custom coded server system does not allow for smooth deletion of servers. 

When you delete a server that has player stats assigned to it, literally the website crashes. If you are wondering where your stats have vanished to, this is the reason. I will be developing the server stats / economy side further soon enough.

Still a lot to do

JR has a huge change to go through and im determined to keep working on JR, besides it's been a lot of my life for the past 11 - 12 years I'm not giving up now. 

I will gladly take constructive critisim and if anyone can do anything to help JR evolve and improve please contact me via private message on the website here -> https://jrnetwork.net/profile/2-jamie/

If you would like to take a trial of the new look and feel, click theme at the bottom of this page and choose JR 2020.



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