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Today I have been doing alot of work. I had to sort out 5 servers in my workplace. Somehow someone messed around with the Administration settings so I spent the last 5 hours getting though the backend. Then after I had to sort out some computers because the company works on a VPN which is going though a proxy. There are around 800 -1200 computers and laptops in the place and I have to use a remote desktop thing. Right now the internet connection is around 800mbps which is slow because we should have over 1GBps. So everyone has been complaining about slow webpages and shit. So now its about 4:20pm I have came home and I am going to sort out my gaming servers. Right now Im doing my mates windows R2 2008 server thats around 24gb. Which is just for minecraft.... So he wants me to add some plugins and shit.

I'll add some more later when more stuff happens. Ill be doing jamies logo later.


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