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How much does JR cost to Run?

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Another question I'd like to answer for the tons of people who as daily.

JR costs just under 300 euro per month to run.

How do we earn enough?

We don't, thing is I have to pay for half that amount a month by my day job, the other half gets paid with donations / VIP Member ship / Hosting that we provide.

So remember if your purchasing VIP you will be helping JR a great deal. If you want to donate, please don't hesitate, it really helps us at JR to run with any donation :)http://pledgie.com/campaigns/13320

Hope that answers any questions, if you have any more contact me ! :D

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That is a huge amount of money mate, for the little content you have here, that's alot of outgoings. Are you not selling enough on the hosting front to cover your overheads? If so, downgrade your hardware until demand increases. If it's the minecraft server sucking all your resources, then I'd suggest either closing that down or making it a private paid network.

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Private paid network would make us lose alot of members. 90% of all our members doesnt want or have cash for playing.

But as joe said, yea lets downgrade the hardware.. I seriously dont think we need 24gb ram etc for a minecraft server with 20-40 players on.. For me 24gb ram sounds like a total overkill when it comes to hosting a server with this number of players.

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I'm not downgrading the hardware for two reasons. I'm getting it at a special that I won't be able to get again. Two it would be to much work transffrering all the accounts over. We have a ton of hosting accounts all been another reason. We are expanding rapidly and i also want to make sure we have enough space for expansion.

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OMG please dont tell me this makes life harder for you i dont want to think your having the thought of stopping it like my last fav server its heart breaking to lose great servers like JR and the now dead D: solonia online but i gotta say JR is much better

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