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  1. Last week
  2. I'm really late, but happy birthday, still, Jamie!
  3. Thanks for all the private and public birthday wishes guys :)

  4. Thanks guys, Much appreciated x
  5. Happy Birthday Jamie Hope you enjoy it! Wouldn't be a birthday thread without some sort of birthday meme so here's your obligatory birthday meme
  6. Happy 23rd Birthday Jamie. Hope you party hardy but safely as you're in another country now. have fun!!
  7. Earlier
  8. Away on the 14/02/17 until - 19/02/17. Going on holiday to Amsterdam, Development of JR will continue when I'm back
  9. Revamped Look Release

    While it's not perfect or complete I have released to the public our new look. We are working and working to make JR better and better! We have also added a new server list: There will be more and more servers added to the list soon, but we hope this is another step to make things easier to use and connect to. With our server list, you can see who is online and soon we will be trying to link user profiles to the list so it will show if you are online in a game on our servers (WOOAAAHH) More to come soon, I won't be around for a week due to holidays but when I return I will be continuing the development of JR and I will be bringing back JR Craft as well as some other new services! I hope you're liking the changes around JR. - Jamie
  10. Brilliant piece man, Keep it up. Post more when you get a chance
  11. It seems we can not self host a server for Discord. There is no support for it currently and doesn't look to be for the future it's hosted on the Discord public servers. But anyway, here as wanted is our discord server, official server that is! Enjoy guys
  12. I'm all for it. We should definitely make one.
  13. The changes look great. Nice to see we are trying to start up again!
  14. Revamp Changelog

    As all of you know we have been working hard on the new look and feel of the website as well as a few different features. To show my dedication to JR I will be releasing a change log to JR every time I update and edit features as soon as I have finished testing and released features. You can view the change log by visiting the JR Development Blog. I hope that you enjoy seeing the progress I make on the website, if you have a few minutes please reply in the forum topic below with some feedback! Thanks to all! <3
  15. Changelog - 01/2/17

    Recently Added: Clear notifications after you have read Remove shouting from topic titles. (E.G. LIKE THIS -> Like this) Show if users are online by a green circle around their profile picture Allow users message, ignore, find content for a user in the forum under their profile tidbit You can now preview a post in the forum before submitting a post We have had to add a cookie notice due to EU law, but this will disappear as soon as you login You can now view who viewed your topic Added two factor authentication User colors around the website now show and changed colors for member groups JR Anniversary now public but still in beta and development Bug fixes: Fixed missing images that should have showed when a user was to setup Google Authenticator with JR's two factor authentication
  16. Hi guys, Just would like some concrete feedback on the recent changes on JR. Both positive and negative comments welcome. More feedback the better we can make JR! Thanks, Jamie
  17. Revamp Underway

    This is the first announcement of a few of some of the upcoming interesting and exciting events happening on JR as we speak! Website First of all, we have a new exciting change to our website as we are redesigning the look and feel to be a bit easier to use, it's more simplistic and we are working on all areas so it'll be quicker to load and more intuitive. If you'd like to try the new look and feel be my guest. It's publicly available but still in beta. To enable this new look and feel at the bottom of the website you will find a Change Theme. Click on JR anniversary and you are signed up to the beta programme immediately. I have changed multiple things around the site and you will see them kick in, such as colorful usernames around the site, a menu bar which changes when you scroll. A back to the top scroll link. Updates to our mobile website to get more mobile and more! Any changes I make will be on JR Anniversary. Security JR takes security very seriously and we have now enabled two factor authentication, this allows you to setup security questions as well as use Google Authenticator which is a mobile app that quickly gives you a code when you sign in to JR. I am personally very excited for this change. If you are a staff member please note that you have to setup some form of two factor authentication due to website security. If you have logged in to JR today being a member you will have likely already setup this method due to our notification system. If you have not please make sure you enable it as this will give you a second line of defence. You can modify this method or enable it here: Server JR is committed to speed up and keep it's servers secure. This is why in the next 6 months we will be switching to PHP 7 for all our webservers. Please note if you have a website that doesn't support PHP 7 yet you may want to look at updating your website if it's hosted by JR's hosting services. We have also made a few tweaks and updates to our servers to make them a little faster and handle better. In the next 12 months we will be upgrading our hardware and switching servers. While we have a method for this to be seamless it may cause a little downtime of up to an hour at max. A mass mail will be sent out to everyone stating that we will be changing servers just before we do so. Staff Grouping I will be changing how staff is grouped soon to make it easier for members of the public to understand. While Admins and Moderators will be still around I will be removing gaming staff, website team, content manager to make things more easy and more friendly. Instead of dividing the team I'd like the team to be involved with every service and if you meet a staff member that is moderator or admin, they will be on every server instead of only Minecraft. Gaming While gaming is our main outlet, Minecraft is not. I will be continuing on the updating of Minecraft but we will be pursuing other areas of games, We don't foresee removing any of our gaming servers but we will be adding more and strengthening the services that we provide. Conclusion We all are trying to make JR a better place. I hope these changes and this news article will cement some understanding on everything going on behind the scenes with myself and some of the other team. We will make JR into a better place for gaming and technology. There will be more coming soon and any news for JR will be posted on the News area and not in the forum. We want to hear what you have to say Please post in the comments what you think of JR, it's changes. Features you like and don't like. Every comment will be looked at and we will attempt to use all the suggestions we get in someway. Thanks for staying at JR and if you are new. Welcome to the JR Network.
  18. potato is love. Potato is life.

    1. Jamie


      Take a look at what I'm working on at the change theme link on the bottom. Change it to jr anniversary ;)

    2. Robbie


      Oh, looking good. :D

  19. I love Discord, has a great windows and Android app.
  20. Discord is in my opinion superior to the lot. Was on it when it first came out and haven't looked back. It is so easy to manage, share and connect. I hope the consoles will actually add them so cross-platform players won't have to have multiple devices running to get connected. Am using it mostly for Final Fantasy XIV groups, but there is a great social aspect to it.
  21. The lateness of this response probably gives a good indication of how long it has been since I've looked properly at what's been posted on the forum Yeah I definitely agree, I hadn't used it till recently and it's a good app. It's also available on pretty much every platform so I'd definitely be in favour. Another thing is it can support upto 1000 concurrent users on a server, so it would definitely have the capacity.
  22. I don't normally write down resolutions but I think they're a good idea, they definitely help give direction. Anyway these are mine for this year: Try to get into the habit of waking up early, both so I can actually go to my lectures and so I have more time in the day. Go to the gym more, I for some reason purchased a 9 month pass so I may as well get my moneys worth. Start actually prioritising my university work. Actually stick to the budgets I create. Do more stuff to help other people (ik stuff is very general).
  23. Get a frigging job and become financially independent. Read more about privacy. Switch to products that care about it. Get people to be aware of their choices and its consequences in the tech world, with regards to the said subject. Set up a Ghost blog and write a good, critical article once a month. Pay off my debt and don't overspend at all until that is paid!
  24. Work, Life and JR

    So here we are 2017 and I said I'd blog a small bit when I could! Recently work has been busy, with retail (especially technology retail) november onwards is busy very busy. I've survived black friday (black week) for another year. It was busy and it's funny how it used to be Christmas which was the busiest but now the tables have turned, November has the busiest week of the year instead of the last week to Christmas. Now it's January and things are getting quiet which is brilliant. I'm relaxing playing xbox every few days and I'm starting to get my head out of retail in to different areas when I'm outside work. What also helps is that I have a brilliant beautiful girl to look after me. Today has been a quiet day at work but I was really busy as managers were not in work people called in sick and I had to sort out the place. On coming home and I had a fight with the stair case and twisted my leg and arm which was fun but after that I cooked a brilliant BBQ pasta bake. So now chilling after the day and I'm going to work on small things on JR and I'm working on designing a new look for it I have updated JR's system to the latest so I can start working on the look and feel of things to improve them Anyway, that's everything I have to talk about tonight. I'll post another blog soon.....
  25. My main things include going to Amsterdam and going to see Coldplay in dublin. Can not wait.. Going to be awesome
  26. I don't make them because I don't keep them
  27. Hi

    1. BarberMiss


      Hi DawzitRubyEye! Welcome to JR's. Hope you are enjoying your time at JR's. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

      Barbermiss aka Leslee

    2. Jamie


      Hey little bro. What's going on :) Welcome to my website.

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