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  2. The reason i suggest here it's just that starmade have more players then servers (or about) at the moment. Here is a lot of polluted good servers to build ships and print their photos for making a painting, but not to play (Warning! Opinion! Probably subjective). You can follow 2 main pathts: don't change anything and get standard build server with average online or make something risky and new that may make a server great or ugly (as i said it's risky). So the suggestions: New faction mechanics. Reasons: The reason is that here is no true PVP servers. You can't even attack factions homebase and ships docked and turrets docked and players docked and everything docked to it. When you getting attacked you just can jump to homebase and dock to it. If you can't jump with any reason you just can fly to it and it will take about minute cause most of players don't go far from base with really expensive ships. Here is an action people call "pvp": Two players (or factions) argees duel and they just do it. It's even hard to catch another player and win him if he don't want to fight. All the game is just continious building and mining. I have a lot of resources but playing at old server is pointless for me. Also here is faction points (FP). They helps factions to PVP, but it's mostly pointless cause servers don't configure it as well or just disable it. Players builds factions, homebases and abandons server. In this case solar system becomes polluted. You won't be able to capture it. People leave spawn galaxy and play alone in safer place. Suggested solutions: Here is 2 main actions you can do to make it playable: Make faction home vulnerable, but add some advantages to station if you can. For example: Add new armor block which will be able to place on station only. It should be cheap and massive. It's hp should have 250 hp, resist about 97-99%, AHP about 250 and AHP damage absorb level about 75-95%. (needs to balance, it is possible using game configuration) Remove power softcap for stations (if you can, cause i don't know how). Increase station turret's DPS (if you can). Improve station shield capacity (if you can). Configure FP. Faction with one player shouldn't be able to capture system (or player will have to be "active" (active players are players who stay online at least 10 minutes every 2 days) in this case inactive players will cause FP loosing. The faction will loose system ownership and it's homebase's invulnerability. So inactive players won't pollute server as it is on other servers). For example: Add faction points loosing for inactive players (1-5 FP/turn). So factions will kick players abandoned this server. Also inactive factions will loose ownership of systems. Configure faction points loosing for death. It should cost about 1-8 hours of game (depends of how much hardcore do you want). Add faction points loosing for offline active players. By default offline active players receives FP, but you it can be changed. Do it only if you want hardcore server. And don't make it more then 1 FP/turn. Allow faction homebase to become vulnerable if faction don't have FP. System's cost should depend on it's distance to spawn sector. So then far system is then more FP it costs per turn. So players will be motivated in capturing central systems. It will cause stress between players, wars, PVP, destruction and making players have fun or whetever feel any emotions in this game (which is hard to have on build server). System's cost should depend on distance between systems. But i am not sure about it. All this suggestions are possible with current game configuration. Mining resource bonus should be 2 in faction system. New mining mechanics. Reasons: Mining is fast. I can mine planets by medium sized miners. It takes about 15 minutes of lags. Lags are enough to kill server. Mining block is cheap. i can make so many blocks in about 5 minutes so they will able to make server lag as hell. Mining is really fast. We have tonns of resources. Our cargo is very large. Here is just no reason to leave base. We can make ultra large ships (probably more then 20m of mass) and kill server. Suggested solutions: Most of servers just limit amount of groups of mining blocks for a computed upto 500 (to prevent lags and OP mining). But it's easy to avoid using one way of:So it is possible to do easimining and making lags. Use multiple computers. Use multiple ships. Increase mining block cost. At least 1000 or 10000 times. Yes! It's really needed! 100 times increasing will be still easy Resources currently are like garbage polluting storages. Set capsule refining multiplier to 1-3 (not 5-15 like on other servers). It will add some sort of stress between players and value of resources. Also you can remove blocks and money from start kit (for hardcore). It will make hard start but not hard game. Sectors and systems. Reasons: Sectors are too small. I've played with sector size about 30 km and it's was more fun. Cause when you leave sector you get lag. But then more sector is then more lags it makes. Speed is too small. It should depend on sector size. Distance between solar systems is very small. Neightbor systems shouldn't be so close to each other. It's not like in reality. It makes pvp and faction wars less fun. Suggested solutions: Set sector size a bit more. If you want good fun/lags index it should be 7-20 km (depends on server power and amount of ships. Remember: then less resources people have then less ships then can build then less CPU and memory usage they will use then less lags they will cause. But don't make mining too hard. It's not fun too). Set speed level enough to allow ships to pass sector in a few minutes (at full speed). Increase distance between solar systems. At least 1-3. It will decrease amount of systems in a galaxy, will add stress and fun. Some sectors should be empty so it will be a lot easier to find player. Galaxy size should depent on amount of players. It should be overpopulated, not empty! (to make stress and fun) Here will be addition suggestions. If you want slow down technological development, increase factory's cost. For standard 10 000 times. For advanced 10 000 000 times (yes). It's not so important. Station should cost at least 100 000 000 (or 1 000 000 000) of credits. It will prevent players from spawning stations. Getting resources with cost 1 000 000 000 of credits is about of 30 minutes up to 4 hours of game (average, depends on server). What do you think about it? P.S. This is just my opinion cause i tired of playing on server without any real movement. Here happens pvp and kills, but you have to waste days or weeks to find it. It's borring. Also i may add some suggestions if i will decite to.
  3. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    to play Survival Plus only Survival Plus mods can be used. I try it out. None of normal mods will work. Also we need to change some settings in GameUserSettings.ini and Game.ini. There are 2 Survival Plus additional mods to convert SP to vanilla items [Fiber & metal ingot]. Reusable Grappling Hook or More Narcotics & More Tranq-Arrows Combined v2.1 are not working Reusable parachute works Reusable Speer works, but speer bone is better instead of having backpack, we can change PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player for adding more value to carry more items I just play with this settings. I know this to good, but I need to learn. I couldn't find cotton & tin on the server. Maybe you have a better setting to test?
  4. Ragnarok empty

    Unfortunately no, due to the fact the other servers are tied to the update system and it becomes even more work than fixing it manually. I will be looking at this every morning to see if it happens and ill be trying to find a solution soon.
  5. Ragnarok empty

    Can the game updates be set to manual for the time being?
  6. Ragnarok empty

    I have left a topic on the ARK forums about this. It's frustrating as you can tell. I'm working the hardest as possible. It's not a JR bug though, it is a ARK bug, we are working on it though.
  7. Ragnarok empty

    Looking in to this now. Seems to be a bug - Jamie This has been sorted, We are looking further in to the issue, seems like a server update is causing the map to be strangely wiped. This has happened before but our current way of fixing it that worked before has become in effective. It's a annoying ARK but that the devs know about but havent sorted. - Jamie
  8. Ragnarok empty

    Ragnarok has been emptied ? we just spent 3 weeks to build a steady base and were finally going to be able to expand... Please fix???
  9. What happened to the ragnarok server?

    Sorry for posting again, but i think we have the same problem again.
  10. What happened to the ragnarok server?

    Ok, thank you very much Chris.
  11. What happened to the ragnarok server?

    Edit: Now been sorted, thank for you bringing this to our attention. World has been rolled back to 2am this morning
  12. Hello! The Ragnarok server seems wiped. I could spawn my character with the right name and stats but nothing else was there (buildings, dinos etc) Not only for me but for the other players around me as well. Also the day counter seems to be reseted.
  13. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    I wouldn't say too many mods BUT one or two wouldn't be bad. I'm trying it out on a server now that has other mods with it. I agree that not too many mods is probably better. More challenging, but who doesn't like a little challenge?
  14. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    I'm not sure about adding tons of mods to a server like this. If we want to keep to a more vanilla experience adding things to make it easier I don't believe will be a good idea. What do others think?
  15. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    Yesterday I played couple hours Survival Plus on single player. The game need to be a fresh savegame and without other mods. It's fun, but you can't tame dinos and you have a survival feeling. Only few land dinos can be tamed. I think it is better than a total conversion like primitive plus. And it have features and thinks like primitive plus without any issue I think the mods: backpack, upgrade station, Reusable Grappling Hook or More Narcotics & More Tranq-Arrows Combined v2.1 can fit to the mod too. Because they do add additional items to the game and can be build with vanilla resources. We need to test it out. For removing items we can use following mod: Builder's Helmet: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=756389708
  16. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=829467257 Okay so small amendment to my first suggestion, we tried to get primitive plus working as a test this morning but after a while and reading around people report it either doesn't load at all or takes over 20 minutes. A tribemate and I couldn't even get in. So this is a suggestion people've been mentioning. Survival plus is a mod that does pretty much a lot of the same things that Primitive Plus does, so maybe installing that in a server instead along with a minimal amount of mods like the better narcotics is a solution? That way we can still get the experience.
  17. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    Sounds like a good idea
  18. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    I have played P+ on different servers. Hope all bugs with limestones and clay are solved But I like the idea too. Hope we can use some mods like backpack, upgrade station and our supa dupa narc arrows
  19. Server suggestion: primitive plus

    Like the idea, would love to see what other players think
  20. Okay so my last suggestion I'm Going to make, for a more Vanilla experience, why don't we use a Primitive Plus server? With it you'd need less mods and probably have more fun playing since it offers a legitimate way to trade more unique items. So I think it's a good idea but I'm wondering who else agrees with me here?
  21. Suggestion: make phoenix's visible

    I am not opposed to such a change. I will be happy with implementing it as long as our other players are happy with it
  22. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/895711211 so by changing an .ini, you can make the Phoenix visible all the time, not in just the super heat. While I don't know how many people are having issue with finding one it may be a good idea.
  23. Earlier
  24. Near vanilla feedback

    We will be setting up a server for the upcoming dlc don't worry
  25. Near vanilla feedback

    Hi Jamie, sure. I like and I am happy with the current status of the mod setup. There could be more nice mods for the server, but that's Ok right now. I am playing on your servers because of the mods. I played a lot on Vanilla servers. There are OK, but with no fun. I moved all my stuff to SE, because of the issues I had with the Ragnarok server. The new one looks good, but I do not want to risk again to loose time ann resources. The game is now in production, but still with bugs. Hope you will setup a server for the new upcoming DLC map.
  26. Ark Island Server

    YaY Quetzal Spawn today
  27. Ark Island Server

    Chris sorry but still not a single Quetzal on 'The Island Map ....can u do something pls,? I dont think something is broken ,they just dont spawn . ty
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