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  2. i currently use the Razer phone which I obtained due to my partner breaking her phone and me allowing her to use my Vodafone contract which was for a Samsung Galaxy S8+ (which is an amazing device) and I am also enjoying the razer phone however I will be returning to samsung galaxy S10 (or whatever they decide to call it)!
  3. Hoping that one day we get the Master Chief Collection on PC
  4. Every now and then I go back on my 360 to play some Halo Reach, so the new upcoming Halo has me quite excited, especially since it's probably going to be on PC as well.
  5. So recently, I (my family) got a new vacation house up on a hill, looking over a lake in the middle of California. It has its benefits, but there are also numerous flaws with the area and the house, so this got me thinking... What is your ideal vacation home?
  6. Yesterday
  7. I mean I started playing MW2 on PC a little bit ago, I was into the Multiplayer not so much the zombies of the CODs. but other than that I dont really go back and play games. I guess the other game I go back and play is LoL.
  8. @Jamiea similar mod however platforms plus looks much more player friendly for treehouse builds (works abit like structures plus I'd imagine) and feel it would make a great addition to JR (as for the current tree house mod we have upon making an upcoming poll I feel it should be removed and replaced with the above) @Defnitly Not Schoen thank you for your suggestion!
  9. JR runs so many servers now at this stage, unfortunately for us this comes with a price. Money yes Tons of resources yeah, that too Managing servers are the hardest part While we monitor our servers and keep backup's for 5 days of maps at a time if we are not advised there is a problem with a game server we may not find out till it's too late Why 5 days? Because of resources, we can not financially hold more backups than this due to space constraints. Just a note here before I continue. Don't assume a problem has been reported, if you have an issue with our servers REPORT IT! IF we are not told in time it may be too late. What to do if there is a issue with a server? Visit our Help Centre found here; Report the issue with either a official support ticket / community help forum post. You can also notify us in #gameserverhelp on discord! Recently players have only PMed me issues, this will not do! Unfortunately I am not around 24/7 this is why I have staff to help. If you only message me privately staff are not informed and can not take action. We have staff for a reason, please follow proper procedure if an error occurs, a server goes down, or if the map is lost. NEVER PM JUST ONE MEMBER OF STAFF, REPORT IT CORRECTLY AS STAFF MAY BE ON HOLIDAY, SICK, OUT, BUSY WITH LIFE, WHATEVER THEY ARE DOING. The Ark Island Server In relation to this The Island map has been reset and there is no way back. On trying to revert a back up the earliest I had was the 12th. Which didn't contain users builds etc. I hate to turn round and tell users there is no way to get their stuff back. This is caused due to Structures plus. EVERY TIME it updates it causes a map issue like this and there is nothing I can do but revert the map backup which fixes the issue.
  10. It sounds weird but I keep going back and playing Counter Strike Source, purely because it was the first game I really got into (10 years ago.. I was 7) DoD is still fun, but I never got as many hours in (for reference, I have about 1300 in CS:S and 50 in DoD + DoD:S) I bought CS:GO before it got as famous/popular as it was, and on release it had that tacky UI that it shared with my xbox 360 (which they stopped updating (yes, CS:GO has an xbox 360 version)). I bought TF2 back when it used to cost, so I'd consider that an achievement? Me and my friends used to be really into the COD Zombies series, and I still adore it, I think I have just about every COD with zombies on it lol (I have MW, WaW, MW2, BO, MW3, BO2, AW, Ghosts, IW, BO3, and WW2 on mixed consoles lol) and I have the WW2 season pass, I like playing BO2's zombies then WW2's just to see just how far it's come and honestly, the playstyle feels the same but the graphics have changed a lot lol.
  11. Since the glory days of XP and Windows 7, Microsoft has been consistently been pushing more consumer-friendly bloatware on their OS images to ensure the average PC user has an enjoyable experience by having all their Facebook applications all on the start menu. If you decide to reimage your PC or by a new one from any vendor around the world, then 9 times out of 10 this will be similar to what you would find in the programs list: While they collectively only take up a modest side of a GB or two it is still useless programs that will never be run or looked at. This is unacceptable when the OS could be as clean as: In order to clean the OS you will need access to PowerShell as Admin to list and uninstall these applications. Here is a blog including a list of all the bloatware and a Pastebin as a backup: The link above includes an interactive list where you can pick and choose the bloatware you wish to install, I personally chose "ALL" and pasted the result into the PowerShell: An example would be if I wanted to remove: "Candy Crush Soda Saga" March of Empires: War of Lords Bubble Witch 3 Saga CookingFever Dragon Mania Legends Hidden City Then I would paste the following code into my PowerShell terminal Get-AppxPackage *skypeapp* | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage *keeper* | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage *empires* | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage *candycrush* | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage *bubblewitch* | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage *cookingfever* | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage *dragonmania* | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage *hiddencity* | Remove-AppxPackage You will no longer have these games/apps on your machine. Uninstalling OneDrive can be done by typing the following into RUN by hitting Windows key + R: %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall
  12. Last week
  13. For me it's Call of Duty World At War & Black Ops. Fable 3, and the Xbox 360 halo games (FPS games and controllers do not mix well). What games do you go back and find yourself replaying? And why? World At War was the first CoD zombies game and the fist CoD I played on my own xbox 360, Black ops got this game not long after I got my 360 and I really enjoyed it, especially the multiplayer. Halo Reach, game that came with my 360 and made me a massive halo fan had played halo 3 and halo 3 odst at a friend's house beforehand Fable 3, my first RPG
  14. So, I was wondering, out of general curiosity, what kinds of things would people like to see from JR? Whether that be more events, different kinds of merch, anything. Let me know your thoughts!
  15. Minecraft Community Build

  16. until
    We will be holding a community event in Minecraft today, please join in with the fun! Server IP (JAVA EDITION OF MINECRAFT) Plans today: Work on community town Finish Admin shop within town Everyone welcome to join, also please join our discord session while we play:
  17. Got a beacon, so I'm digging out all the blocks underneath my claim in rebelsville. Tempted to turn it into some sort of underground village
  18. Any other cool builds people are making? Would love to see more !
  19. There is now a chance for Excavation to drop a wither skeleton skull, provided your skill is 1500 or higher. It has a small chance of dropping (0.02%) each time you harvest 2 certain blocks. However I will not be revealing these blocks for the time being until someone else works out what blocks need to be harvested.
  20. Thank you any and all support/advice does help.
  21. Have fun running into the spawn protection that's right next to my house!
  22. currently building a man cave behind chris's house gonna have water stuff. shall be epic., well for a first time cave build be pretty decent i think.
  23. firstly, congratulations. As the people above have said, your best bet is to sit down with her and properly talk. Get all the problems out into the air just go for it and come up with solutions to them. If you don't talk, it'll only get worse. Do whatever is best for the kids. You must be feeling a lot of anxiety right now. too Best to try and get things sorted. Don't want things getting worse. Depression can be serious. Feel free to vent on here, we will all listen. Best advice i can give not being in this type of situation before. I hope it all goes well for you though.
  24. Trying to talk to her but everytime I do try to bring up anything she gets upset and mad at me.
  25. Yes under a coral reef. Not sure exactly how its all going to work out but im just going with the flow.
  26. Have fun if the plugin isn't updated, 1.13 broke all world generation plugins
  27. I'm very tempted to sort out a skylands map within the survival server. Hmmm
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