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  3. As some of you gamers may have noticed we have been migrated and performing maintenance to all of our servers to bring them to a new server cluster. This new infrastructure will be faster, more reliable and better backups are now in place. While our old infrastructure was working fine it was aging and it started to cost more. We will be looking at reducing our IP usage soon as the price of IP Addresses are rising, this will mean some IPs will change. This is to reduce the amount of /30 blocks we currently have to singular IPs instead. We are also aware of an issue affecting 2 ark servers. All our current server statuses can be found at https://jrnetwork.net/servers Happy Gaming!
  4. Welcome, how are you ?

    1. drogoffread


      Thank you! I'm doing alright. How are you?

    2. Jamie


      All good, I should be online in a few days, I've seen you on a bit but just not had chance to say hello 😁 hope you are enjoying the servers 👍

  5. It's a completely seperate game not an update, so in game purchases not carrying across is expected. They'll keep the servers for Warzone 1 up as long as they are making money off of it.
  6. Welcome to JR 😁

  7. Hey All, I've been reading that if you have purchased content on Warzone it will not transfer to the newest version of warzone which will be released alongside the MWII release! Supposedly Warzone 1 will run alongside Warzone 2 as separate experiences. But this calls on a few questionable factors. How long will Warzone 1 be supported for ? I know for a fact any time a new game is released by activision the previous game falls to the abyss. With the fact a lot of people have spent a lot of money on warzone 1 are they going to get anything by transitioning to warzone 2. I just think it's mad that if you have bought something in Warzone recently it's not going to carry over and activision have stated: (https://www.callofduty.com/blog/2022/06/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-II-announcement-release-reveal) A bit ominous but it does state that it'll be entirely separate. What's your view on this ? Do we need to storm activision ?!
  8. We have pushed the latest updates for Minecraft and the following plugins: VentureChat Chatbubbles mcMMO Jobs Libsdisguises This should fix most issues caused by 1.19.2, Please let us know if there is further bugs
  9. It would be nice to know who the other contestant were ...lol So I'll help. 1. Samtiz - Jamie Tee 2. Torchwood_Two - Hidden Knight Rider lair * SECOND PLACE 3. Mirargeman - Missy 4. torchwood_one - Borris the Vanquisher 5. Chris - Formula One car with red-stone features * WINNER!
  10. What causes the name tags to not show a name on pets. Miri has a cat and he named a long time ago and it shows but most recent ones do not show on cats or dogs. I know it's minor. but I did buy the tag from a villager...lol
  11. @Chris, @N3RV3 & myself have been busy working around JR to resolve a few issues with our minecraft server JRCraft. We have been running JRCraft since 2011 and as an on going commitment to our community we will be pushing more frequent updates and new features. (watch this space). Recent Updates Updated to 1.19.2. Updated plugins. Fixed reports plugin. Fixed god mode and multiple homes for premium users. Updated message of the day. Fixed libs disguises. Updated information at https://jrcraft.net Additional Info Recent update has killed every chat plugin for modded / bukkit minecraft servers. We will update ours when possible. PVP Toggle has broken due to this update, again this will be updated when possible
  12. It's been a week since the recent minecraft build event we had. I do apologise I've had a lot of personal things happen. Anyway enough about me. Last week we had a great minecraft event. Well done to the winners ! Each user had 2 hours and was given the category hero, which could have been a person, a character or something that is considered legendary for someone. @Chris with his F1 car with redstone features (Won €20) @Benjamin Roberts with his hidden knight rider lair with added cars (Won a humble bundle ) There will be more of these events soon Check out some of the builds:
  13. Minecraft Build Competition https://t.co/PLo5uP1xpk
  14. until
    Join us, for a minecraft build competition. Please see the time on the event for the relative time for your location. On the line a 20 Euro / Dollar / Pound steam card for the winner, with runner up prizes available. Guidelines for the event Each user has 2 hours to build a structure that relates to the build category. No creative mode is to be used, all materials must be mined or gathered within the start of the build There will be a build area used for this, we will not be flattening land Judging the competition will be myself, no other staff will be judging as I am allowing them to enter the event. Console will be watched to ensure no staff break rules. This is a build alone competitions, to be fair to other users, teams are not allowed and will be disqualified. (We will have a team build event) Users are not able to ask staff for a competitive edge, doing so will disqualify the user The category will be given on the event start as to ensure users don't prepare for this. There will be points given for the following: Size Creativity Materials used Use of redstone or other dynamic effects Event Communication: Voice comms will be on the event, users may be muted during announcements or periods of high activity temporarily. For voice comms please join our discord: https://discord.jrnetwork.net Winners will be judged directly after the event has taken place. The winning builds created here may be used within spawn to showcase your build in an awards area.
  15. Jamie

    Minecraft hunger games

    Only just seen this didn't get an alert. Sounds good. Send away
  16. Chris

    Adding Chest Shops

    Player run shops would be great for the server imo
  17. Welcome Spartan ;) See you on the battlefield soldier!

  18. Nice mate, what networking hardware are you using ? Send us a pic, I want a clean tidy setup spartan !
  19. Specs as follows: i7-8700K 32GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM PNY RTX 2070 Super Aorus Z370 Gaming Wifi Motherboard 500GB NVME SSD Boot Drive, with 2x 1TB Spinners as Data Drives Peripherials are a mess, but my main monitor is a Westinghouse 32" 1440p 144Hz I also have my own server rack at home! I've got an older HP DL380P G8, but it more than gets the job done for what I need. Its got: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2680 @ 2.7 GHz 16x 4GB PC3-10600R Registered RAM 8x 1 TB 7.2K SAS Drives in RAID1
  20. First event i reccomend is a build event where we have players build up a base over a period of time, then a present staff member spawn in waves of zombies and the last surviving base wins. another could be a temp hardcore server, (possible leveling tweaks and increased loot to make it more fair). another 7 days joint server but with two factions at war.
  21. Jamie

    Adding Chest Shops

    We did have this up till the 2nd last major update which is broke. We can bring this back as long as the plugin works to support it unless the community really doesn't want it added back
  22. Hi all, After reviewing our player stats we have taken the decision to remove the Aberration and Genesis 2 servers from the cluster to free up resources for other servers that we want to run. Keep an eye out for announcements on these new servers! The servers will be removed on July 10th 12PM (midday) BST. Please ensure you have transferred everything off of the servers by this time.
  23. Since the early days of JRCraft, we've had a bustling economy with shops, stores, and stands, all fostering interaction and motivation among players. We already have the currency basis with money and jobs to accommodate and integrate shops. We can rejuvenate the traditional capitalism of JRCraft by bringing this back. Here is an example of an updated shop plugin that we could use: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/quickshop-hikari-start-your-in-game-business-today.100125/
  24. N3RV3

    Minecraft Fun!

    I'm glad you like it! I hope everyone gets to enjoy it as well and I look forward to some more building with everyone!
  25. Well done Miri for been the top player on our minecraft server this month ! :D

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    2. Jamie


      Welcome back How's work ?

    3. Miri


      It was hard... how/ where

      do i sign up for membership? pls

    4. Jamie


      Paid for memberships are found here. https://jrnetwork.net/subscriptions

  26. Today, we decided to view a few of the members work on the server and also pray at the church of @N3RV3 (as well as take donations from you all ! ). @N3RV3 has done an amazing job at spawn. I have left a few images here but I'd recommend you experience it yourself We are going to have a build event next week, with maybe a competition Watch this space!
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