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  2. Hi Guys, Bit of news on the state of JR for all of you. Starting next month our website will be no more. We will be switching off the website for a few reasons: We hold a lot of personal data I don't have enough time to keep updating the website It's costing too much money. We will still be here as a community and JR will be discord only with a landing page that will show server status. We will also be changing how many servers we run and will be scaling back servers one by one and we will only run one server in the future. If you have photos or memories on JR, please download them from our website as they will not be accessible from 1/10/2023 Why ? It's costing too much money, servers alone we pay 127 euro, this is without any license fees such as cPanel (39 a month) and invision power fees of 200 every 6 months. I don't have a lot of time for JR and unfortunately something has to give. As you know I've also started to work on a personal project with my music and my main focus will be this from now on. It's been 16 years with our website in total and 15 with our current platform. Will all game servers be switched off? No, but a few changes will happen. JR Craft will have to change as our membership system will change to discord only. TF2 will be reduced to a MVM server and a Casual server, all other servers removed Just Cause 2 and 3 will remain Valheim will be removed 7 Days to Die will be removed We might add more games in the future but for now our community is not big enough for the amount of infrastructure we run. What happens first ? Our backup server is being killed at the end of this month, with backups moving to my personal server. After that, it's the website with the landing page and then towards the end of november we will only have one server as the second game node will also be shut off. After this, everything else will remain: Landing page to redirect users here Gameservers as stated above will remain with a status area on the https://jrnetwork.net/ Any existing webhosting clients will remain on the last server we have For more information on my personal project, please support me at https://packetloss.band/ and you can also join that discord server here: https://discord.gg/2YY6wn64hy It's been a great 15 years, in JR's existing state: so long and thanks for all the fish! I'm hoping we will continue to run for longer but as I said, JR will remain as a smaller community unless something takes off. Thanks to all the staff and friends and family that have kept JR alive for the amount of time it has.
  3. Hi Guys, JR Craft is nearly ready for 1.20.1, Currently a world update is underway to update the chunks. All plugins have been updated to support 1.20.1 The server should be fully online in the next hour or so from this message. Thanks!
  4. Recently, I've switched to Unraid. While mostly non-problematic, one problem did arise. This problem being booting the server, if I booted it with USB selected as the boot method in the BIOS it would not boot after restarting the server or switching it off and on. I tried absolutely everything to fix the issue, power settings, updating BIOS, contacting ASUS (who told me it would need a warranty replacement) and others. The fix ? Simple! Switch off Fast Boot in the bios, when fastboot was enabled it wasn't enabling all the USB ports at BIOS boot. Once this was disabled it resolved all booting issues to USB! I hope this helps you if you come across this issue too!
  5. We have just updated JR Craft to the latest build of 1.19.4, this will help with stability. We also updated Citizens, DiscordSRV with this build too.
  6. Jamie , Can any of these Furniture Mods be added to JR's ? It would be so cool to decorate with. 1. https://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/macaw-s-bridges-forge-1-15-1-1-14-4/ 2. https://www.9minecraft.net/mrcrayfishs-furniture-mod/#MrCrayfishs_Furniture_Mod_1193_1182_Download_Links 3. ( Just Enough Mod) https://www.9minecraft.net/just-enough-items-mod/ 4. https://modrinth.com/mod/paladins-furniture
  7. €20.00/month
  8. Jamie

    Anti- Afk gameplay

    Just an update on this, we are adding a Anti-AFK plugin that will hopefully stop this kind of AFK.
  9. Have updated to 1.19.4 for JR Craft. The following updates have taken place: Updated to latest bleeding edge build of spigot, this might have bugs. Updated waterfall to latest for 1.19.4 support Updated XConomy and fixed config Updated EssentialsX Removed tablist as failed with latest update Added anti-afk plugin to prevent fishing AFK. Please note AFK farming of any kind is not allowed. Updated Dynmap to snapshot build. http://play.jrcraft.net:1888/ Updated duels plugin Fixed Marriage plugin permissions Updated voting plugin Updated levelled mobs Updated citizens and citizensbooks
  10. Hi Guys, We said we would try ARK again last year, but as of this year Ark was dead on JR. To save resources and money we have killed off our ARK offering, we do not like to do this but if people are not playing we are paying for nothing. We may bring ARK 2 in the future when released but for now yet again ARK has been removed. For any server admins looking to release an ARK server, if you use linux based servers just don't bother. It's not worth the hassle and / or resources.
  11. Hi guys, We have carried out the following updates on our Minecraft Server today: Updated to the latest version of Paper and Waterfall Updated the following plugins XConomy WorldGuard VotingPlugin Venture Chat Revive Me Quests Gui Quests Protocol Lib Placeholder API MobArena Marriage Master LiteBans Libs Disguises Levelled Mobs Jobs Grief Prevention Dynmap Duels DiscordSRV Decent Holograms Citizens Books Citizens Chat Feelings Better RTP Fixed a bug with Grief Prevention, error caused by a corrupt file. Fixed a bug with Protocol Lib, outdated config throwing an error. Fixed an error with Quests, new configs created Added 20,000 blocks to the radius of the map. These are currently generating in the background. Added the following idea:
  12. Jamie

    re add the duels plugin

    I have reinstalled the Duels plugin now as it is now compatible.
  13. Jamie

    Adding Chest Shops

    This was implemented but never closed. Closing
  14. I will add this to the paper file and allow this change. This will be added right away. The only concern I do have is previously when you removed bedrock it could cause a server crash if the player fell too far through the world. If this happens we will re-enable the setting
  15. Jamie

    Anti- Afk gameplay

    I have only just seen this I've been stuck with work and haven't been able to look at this in depth, the user who was doing this isn't playing any more. I wouldn't be concerned. On top of this we do allow farming such as the farm machines you have built. Anti-AFK is against the rules and I will be taking action if I see it again as it not only causes this issue it gives JR Cash unfairly too. If this does happy again please let me know and I will suspend / ban the accounts. I will close this idea as it's more of a report than an idea. Hope to see you back soon.
  16. afk fishing is abusing the afk timer It gives a player an unfair advantage in mcmmo It is also unfair on server balance As well as being grossly unsporting ie not playing the game as intended. I am a little disappointed that such behaviour is allowed to the extent that i feel i can no longer support this server, I whish you all well.
  17. If the paper.yml ( or paper-global.yml) is edited to allow tnt duping and headless pistons, we can make Tree farms, Tinnel borers and break bedrock in the nether roof. Admittedly, this would also allow rail and carpet duping machines but this is no bad thing as players could easily build rollercoasters and the like. Below is an example of paper.yml as per default. the "false" changed to "true" allows the above. allow-permanent-block-break-exploits: false allow-headless-pistons: false allow-piston-duplication: false allow-permanent-block-break-exploits-readme: This setting controls if players should be able to break bedrock, end portals and other intended to be permanent blocks. allow-headless-pistons-readme: This setting controls if players should be able
  18. Jamie

    Welcome 🙏 

  19. Recently we have setup a new economy, this is allowing us to do many amazing things. When you play on JR servers you automatically get JRCash (As long as you link your account see here: You can see a summary of how people are making JR Cash here: https://jrnetwork.net/membersshop/rewards/ Now you can also do a few things with your cash (More will be coming soon, such as purchasing game keys, in game rewards and more) Take a look here: https://jrnetwork.net/membersshop/ We are also currently modifying the look and feel around JR. A new design will be released as soon as possible also. More to come
  20. Guest

    My MineCraft

    That means you'll perceive some stylish features and from access to additional channels where you can forward movement visibility, without having to modify mother wit of some ornate, handbook migration process. https://googlec5.com
  21. Jamie


  22. Hey, how you getting on ;)

  23. As you may have seen, JR was down for a short amount of time today. This was to allow for a couple of backend changes to make JR function far better and smoother. To keep transparency we have changed the following: Updated to the latest version of PHP Updated the website engine (IPB) to the latest version Disabled old rules and old economy plugin Updated the JR Servers App to allow for the new economy plugin Installed the new Economy Plugin Economy Plugin? We have a new economy system that we will be bringing cool things to soon ! You can have a quick look at the economy section on the menu. You now can see who is getting rewarded by playing on our servers and how you are getting rewarded Please note the economy system is a work in progress and all JRCash does not convert to any currency and is currently only earnt by playing on our servers or using the website service. Not all servers are compatible and compatibility is shown on each server by the JR Rewards tick. You may have noticed the JR Rewards / Cash you received with our previous system has been lost. I am working to resolve this as we have a database backup, we will need to convert and add this to membership balances. You will see this happening in the next week or so. We are working hard to bring a new look and feel to JR. This will be coming this year in the next month or so. Enjoy your new year
  24. Hi All, Apologies for the delay, I have just pushed the 1.19.3 update to JRCraft and it will be live very soon. It's currently updating the map and after it will be online The following plugins have also been updated: BetterRTP ChatFeelings ChestShops Citizens CMILib CoreProtect DecentHolograms DiscordSRV Dynmap EssentialsX Farmlimiter Jobs LevelledMobs LibsDisguises LiteBans mcMMO Quests QuestsGUI VentureChat VotingPlugin WorldEdit XConomy. Enjoy the update
  25. If the word is the Spawn is not going to have an Admin Shop then it needs to be removed. Also if we have chest Shops we need a way to advertise it ..any suggestions?
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