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  2. The following mods have been added to the Ark servers: Backpack: More Narcotics & Tranq Arrows: Breed-able Griffin mod: eco's RP decor: We have also modified our rates such that MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.25
  3. Sorting this now. Changing to 0.25. If it still needs tweaking please make another suggestion about it
  4. Sorting this out now
  5. I guess I have only myself to blame that I didn't write that 2-3 hours is minimum cooldown. If we're taking Quetzal as a pivot, with 0.16 maximum cooldown would be 8 hours. If you really want the maximum Breeding Interval to be `12 hours (for quetzal), we can use 0.25 or 0.30. 48 hour maximum Breeding Interval is too high in my opinion. Nobody is going to be breeding low-level dinos anyway (for mutations). About mass breading then, I don't think anyone will breed `20 Quetzals just to breed them. You're usually breeding to get better dino's, not the same one's other and other again. Also, even with the normal cooldown you can spam dinos out very fast (if you leave every single baby alive, just need few females to start). Usually people breed for color/stat mutations, thus meaning that they won't leave 93% of the dinos alive anyway.
  6. Looking at the Quetzal, 0.47 looks good. Minimum time for breeding again, 8 and a half hours, maximum time 23 hours. The Quetzal's breeding cooldown at 1.0 multiplier is 18 hours - 2 days
  7. I think our pivot should be a quetzal or sth like this. Rare dinos should have longer intervals.
  8. What dino should be our "pivot", the one I will base the multiplier calculation on. What dino do we want to have a 10-12 hour breeding interval something like a Quetz or a more common dino ?
  9. Yes you're right Chris. No one wants such load and render difficulties. I'm sure you'll come back with something. About 12 hours or more is good. I haven't cosidered the mass breeding and the entities it will add. I also don't run a high end gaming pc. It's true.
  10. It promotes discussion it is staying I think we should have a discussion about removing mods, but not all of the mods are that big. So the number of mods probably isn't the best way to decide if we should add or remove mods, but instead the size of the mods and the usefulness of them. I hear you about loading times, though. Just switched Ark onto an SSD and it has made a huge difference but not everyone has that option, I do not want to push loading times really high because then it just becomes a chore to log onto the server
  11. Ok. You convinced me. I will try it more. Thanks for the reply. If you want move this topic pr delete it. Thanks again.
  12. I recommend you try out castles and keeps, it can get expensive to build though. It has a great range of items to pick from, and the keep walls are slightly higher than Vanilla walls too! It's a completely different mod to S+ and allows for a greater range of building Something to be considered isn't just the number of the mods, but the size (to 3 significant figures) also added some small personal notes about each mod. Have to say was surprised at some of these mods sizes but they make sense Super spyglass 0.392 MB (better spyglass, handy for breeding if you want to get the highest stats possible) S+ 43.9 MB (shouldn't this be vanilla by now?) Reusable plus 0.561 MB (Grapple all the things!) Classic Flyers 86.4 MB (Flyers can carry stuff and go faster than 2mpd!) Resource Stacks 0.782 MB (Store all the things!) Taming Sedative 0.299 MB (No more waiting!) Kibble Table 56.0 MB (100% Taming Effectiveness, all the time!) Advanced Rafts 187 MB (Ships for everyone!) Pearl Converter 0.323 MB (Craft black pearls!) Tek Helper 1.03 MB (Craft element!) Death Recovery Mod 0.520 MB (Don't lose everything when you die!) eco's Tek Decor 209 MB (Pretty up the tek stuff!) Castle's Keeps & Forts 625 MB (Advanced buildings!) Upgrade Station 238 MB (Upgrade all the things!) Suicide Potion 0.356 MB (Be stuck no more!) Stargate Worlds 209 MB (Get around the map quicker!) ACM 2.42 MB (Better admin panel... that doesn't work most of the time) Total mod size: 1660 MB (3sf) 9 of the mods on the server are less than 5MB so they take no time at all to load in. 1 mod is greater than 5MB and less than 50MB 6 mods are greater than 50MB and less than 500 MB Only Castles and Keeps is greater than 500mb and for the variation in building it gives I'd say it is worth it because the items from Castles and Keeps have multiple skins and it seems to be popular from what I have seen
  13. It's not only me... I'm saying that except discussing only what we want to add and add and add we should suggest the what we want to remove also. Imo the castles mod is not very much useful since we have s+. Sorry for my English... I'm greek and not a native english speaker. What I'm saying is not a suggestion to the administrators but more of a suggestion to all the community. Me personally I'm ok with the mods so far (except the castles)but that's only my opinion. The subject i wanted to raise is that if we always aski g for more mods without thinking what we don't use we'll end up with long log in time.
  14. Good luck, and thanks
  15. I will look into the breeding rates myself and see if I can find a compromise, I think if I set the multiplier to 0.3 it gives Argents 8 hours in between breeding. I'll take a proper look later and see what I can come up with
  16. The most intelligent post I've ever read about changing times of breeding xD I 100% agree with this.
  17. I agree with shortening the time but around 10-12 hours per cycle. With three people on a two to three hour cycle mass breeding could add a ridiculous amount of entities to the server. The server may be able to handle it but people who don't have high end gaming rigs wouldn't be able to render that in. It could even crash people mid flight as they fly over a base that is mass breeding. 36 hours is far to long however 2-3 is far too short. I say with 10-12 hours people can breed enough dinos with some effort for bosses and we won't have suddenly 300+ entities on the map.
  18. Take a look here @gbazionis What mods do you think we should remove?
  19. I would say more 10-12 hour cooldowns. While shorter is nice you would see an influx of rarer dinos being bred in mass and it would take a long time to load in certain places because its overflowing with dinos. We had a 10-12 hour cooldowns on another server and we bred just fine.
  20. RIP ME:A, you will be missed. Bioware I hope Anthem was worth it

  21. If you feel as if a mod isn't worth us keeping you can always post a suggestion to have that mod removed
  22. Yesterday
  23. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right since it's my first topic, so please admins feel free to change anything you think incorrect. I want to raise an issue: Right now our server runs 17 mods (if I'm not mistaken), sometimes the loading time is long, or even some mods have caused bugs, crashes etc. So how about, except for voting for new mods we start to talk about which mods are useless or not necessary. So that we can add new mods according to our suggestions without ending up with a heavily moded server that takes ages to connect.
  24. I tottaly agree. Something about 3-6 hours would be great. Especially in PVE where you don't breed dinos to fight with other players.
  25. So, after breeding in the server I've noticed that Mating-Interval rate (cooldown after mating the dinos) is left on the same one as the official servers. It seems to take WAY to long to be able to breed dinos again (e.g. cooldown for simple dino, such as dodo, mating cooldown is around 36 hours, which is extremely irotating). Haven't even tried breeding bigger and more advanced dinos (such as quetzals, giga's, etc)... but, since the better the dino, the bigger the mating cooldown, it would take even more to be able to tame then again, making breeding more or less a job and not enjoyable at all (especially with all other rates increased and this one left on normal). My suggestion is that we decrease the Matin Interval rate so the breeding can become easier because of smaller cooldown. Not only will this help to increase our dino population, this will also make getting color mutations far easier and because of that - more common. I've read a bit about this and it seems like many other servers have this rate set to ".16" (from our current 1.0). This will make bigger dino, such as quetzals, mating cooldown to be around 2-3 hours, which is completely reasonable, as you can't breed them every minute, but at the same time you don't need to be a slave to a game to achieve some color mutations. To make this come true, server admin needs to change : "MatingIntervalMultiplier=1.0" to "MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.16".
  26. I'll sort it out either Monday or Tuesday
  27. Last week
  28. I think I've mentioned this before, but a /homes command to list the player's existing homes would be useful.
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