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  3. Chris

    Fallout 76

    From what I understand CAMPS don't offer much space to build in. Think of them as a tiny outpost you can make and put anywhere you like. Also have the public workbenches too ^.^
  4. Oh, thank god, They were right about "soft-core" survival I guess. I'm pretty excited to see if they do anything new with the building other than the "build anywhere". I love the idea of making a massive base with loads of defences.
  5. Last week
  6. Melissa Hayes us in crash team racing

  7. Melissa Hayes OMG

  8. Melissa Hayes wonder who that is xD

  9. Chris

    Fallout 76

    It won't be like rust. From what I understand 24 people at most in a map 4x the size of Fallout 4's which gives us approximately 40km^2 to play about in. Dying doesn't make you lose anything from what I have read and you can respawn easily enough. While there will be PVP aspects to the game you won't be punished for dying
  10. since I play RUST we can not play together then :'(
  11. If it's an option I'd definitely play PVE pretty much all the time, dealing with people on games like RUST is just something I don't want to do.
  12. yes I saw it a little later but it will be hard for those playing with the SVAT xD seeing that everything will be in real time
  13. Welcome back to JR oldie :)

  14. Chris

    Fallout 76

    This reddit thread is great, Double post I know but not sure how merged posts work and alerting people to unread content
  15. Chris

    Fallout 76

    It's not going to be anything like ESO, ESO is an MMORPG where as Fallout 76 is just going to be a multiplayer fallout game. It's radically different from an MMORPG. Also ESO is made by Zenimax Online and not by Bethesda, they don't really have all that much to do with ESO. I'm personally looking forward to Fallout 76 after watching the noclip documentary on Fallout 76 and as much stuff as I can from E3 involving Todd Howard. It's a game that they went to get right at BGS, they have plenty of plans to keep it alive for a long time and they're looking to find a balance so PVP isn't too much of an issue if you do get killed. I am looking forward to being able to explore WV with friends
  16. me i like I am for and against, it will be the same thing as TESO "THE ELDER SCROLL ONLINE" but in Fallout this time keeping the mechanics of the game and the visual of the 4th opus I will love a 5 is an exclusive game solo but we will see if it is played coop or pvp xD
  17. What are your thoughts on Fallout 76? I'd like to start a little discussion/debate.
  18. Earlier
  19. How ya doin'? Also, if you got the title reference you get instant Qwerty respect +10
  20. Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise
  21. Something tells me Lidl have the wrong idea with dash cams 🤣😂

  22. AND ALL DINO GAIA LVL 430-610 (except the sailors) ;) @Jamie how to count you refund me? 😃 that took me a piece of my life 😃 Go see my wall And the best armor of gaia
  23. I really don't know how to break this to players of GAIA volcano (which seemed to only be a few) but unfortunately our Map messed up and our backup system failed us. I do not have a copy of the map from Friday and I have been away all weekend and didn't see a problem. I have sorted the backup system so this won't happen again but unfortunately anything users had on GAIA have been lost. IF you have lost a lot I will give resources back to you and help you get dinos back. Please contact me on private message on JR to tell me honestly what you have lost. I am very sorry this issue occurred, it will never happen again.
  24. I'll check in to this right away. apologies I've been away
  25. This is a great article on why ecars will not take off with the current infrastructure

  26. Gaia volcano has reset could we give it as before? Marcus
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