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  2. Okay guys, so I'm not going to sugar coat things, we had an issue last night. But when we have an issue Jamie doesnt stop till its sorted. I'd also like to personally apologise for the downtime last night. So what's the problem Jamie? Ragnarok/ARK was using tons of CPU, and when I say using tons of CPU, it was using 1 core of the 6 dedicated to ARK. Now you may think this wouldn't be a problem, but unfortunately with the amount of entities and things going on in the background 1 core used only can cause an issue with crashing. What did you find out ? Only 1 core was used out of 6 Coel was overspawning at 8000 entities, normal rate is 4000 Some other dinos seemed to over spawn too. That ARK server logs, suck big time and its very hard to trace what is going wrong. Solution? Every ARK server now uses all of the available server CPU (hopefully this doesnt cause any issues with other servers) Reduced Coel spawn rates on Ragnarok Reduced dino population by 25% on Ragnarok. Enabled some better logging, but it's not perfect. Some of the issues are also caused by Ragnaroks map, which should have an update soon to fix other problems we are having This should sort this issue, if not we are on hand to take over today and sort things. We are committed to giving all our players on all servers the best experience we can. Last night we were down for a total of 4 hours with ARK, this isn't normal and it won't be the norm. To provide you guys with a better experience I will be purchasing a new server very soon to more ARK to. If you'd like to help with the change please visit this page: us get better gaming servers!/ I hope all our players understand if we have another issue that we will be on the case rather quickly to sort things out. Thanks, Jamie
  3. Yesterday
  4. Structures Plus has just been updated on the servers, please update your clients to reconnect to the server. Also we have added suicide potions on the server with this update too as it has been highly requested! Please note there will be a ragnarok update in the next 24 hours or so due to wildcard bringing a patch out. I'll update everyone when it is on our servers! Structures Plus update notes: - Fixed issue with Gardener, Farmer & Sheep Herder animations going out of sync - Fixed issue with animation of Gardener, Farmer & Sheep Herder not starting/stopping when activated/deactivated on dedicated servers - New Structure: Genomics Chamber (uses fertilized eggs to mutate eggs placed on it(eggs must be of same type), requires power from tek generator) - New Config Option: GenomicsChamberSlotCount - New Structure: S+ Bookshelf (metal strength, adjustable inventory slot count) - New Config Option: BookshelfSlotCount - New Structure: S+ Land Claimer (will block resource and dino spawns in the area, has adjustable range) - S+ Fridges, AC & Compost Bin will now snap to each other (press G to disable) - Fixed issue that allowed people to demolish structures of other tribes with the Demo Gun - New Config: AllowAdminToDemoAnyTribeWithDemoGun (defaults to false, will prevent admin's from using the Demo Gun on structures of tribe's other than their own) - Demo Gun will no longer pick up non-tribe owned structures when used by an admin - Demo Gun will no longer bypass tribe checks in hosted multiplayer games - Demo Gun will no longer pick up the saddle extensions from Snappy Saddles - You can now set what types of poop the S+ Item Collector will collect - S+ Tek Generator can be placed on saddles & rafts (note: it will only power structures placed on the same saddle conversely tek generators not on a saddle will not power anything that is placed on a saddle) - New Config Option: DisableAbilityToPlaceTekGeneratorOnSaddles - S+ Tek Teleporter can be placed on saddles & rafts - New Config Option: DisableAbilityToPlaceTeleporterOnSaddles - S+ Shield Generator will no longer take damage while the shield is active - S+ Shield Generator can now be powered by a Tek Generator when placed on a saddle or raft(generator must be placed on same saddle/raft) - Improved the shield radius selection UI - Added ability to scan dinos to the S+ Transmitter(will show you the level and location of all dinos on the ARK) - S+ Transmitter has tek structure resistance - Removed sound from S+ Transmitter - New Structures: Simple Bed & Bunk Bed (Snap to each other, press G to disable snapping) - New Config Options: BedCooldownTimeInSeconds & BunkBedCooldownTimeInSeconds - New Structure: S+ Hatchery (picks up nearby fertilized eggs, incubates eggs in its inventory, boosts egg production of nearby dinos, requires re-fertilizer for fuel) *note: Hatchery will not pick up eggs at or below 1% incubation and will only incubate eggs in its inventory to 1%, it also respects the HatchingSpeedMultiplier server setting* - New Config Option: HatcheryRangeInFoundations, HatcheryIncubationMultiplier & HatcherySlotCount - New Config Option: RemoveFloorRequirementFromStructurePlacement (will allow structures that normally require placement on a floor, to be placed on the ground ie smithy, forge, etc) - Non-tribe members can no longer toggle activation of Gardener, Farmer, Sheep Herder, Generator, Multilamp, Standing Torch & Wall Torch - The following structures can only be activated/deactivated by tribe members unless they are unlocked: Campfire, Chemistry Bench, Cooking Pot, Fabricator, Fireplace, Forge, Replicator, Industrial Cooking Pot, Industrial Forge, Industrial Grill & Industrial Grinder - S+ Campfires & S+ Fridges can now stack to 100 - Closed the top & bottom of the Forcefield walls so that free standing walls look better - Fixed issue that caused certain dinos to show up multiple times in the pull resource list - Fixed gap when snapping sloped walls to the bottom of walls(existing structures need to be picked up and re-placed) - Fixed scaling of stone sloped walls - Fixed gap when snapping sloped walls to ceilings(existing structures need to be picked up and re-placed) - Increased the tolerance on fence support foundation check - Fixed issue that caused clients to lock up when destroying a crafting station while somebody was using it - You can now toggle snapping on S+ Spike Walls by pressing G - Tweaked Glass Roof models so they line up better side by side & end to end - Tweaked Sloped Railing models so they line up better when placed on ramps - Removed no collision code from S+ Water Intakes(bypassing the collision check bypassed the need for them to be placed in water) - S+ Bee Hive will no longer produce honey endlessly - Increased the water storage of the S+ Industrial Cooking Pot - Add ability to pull resources to the S+ Industrial Grinder (only accessible from the radial menu) - Fixed issue that prevented the Stone Behemoth Gate from auto opening - TurbineMaxPowerDistance config option renamed to TurbineMaxPowerDistanceInFoundations - New Config: DisableAbilityToUseTekGeneratorAsPower (will prevent structures such as the item collector from being able to switch to wireless power) - Removed no collision code from S+ Transmitter(ie can no longer place in boss arenas) - Fixed issue that caused settings set from the turret gun to not show up immediately - Resource pulling will now not pull from any structure with the tag "PreventPulling"(this is for other mod developers)
  5. Hey guys, Please vote on these latest suggestions: Thanks for all the recent suggestions, if you would like to discuss or debate this please do so here!
  6. Adding this suggestion to our poll, thanks for suggesting this idea.
  7. Adding this suggestion to our official poll, thanks for suggesting this idea.
  8. Adding this suggestion to our poll, thanks for suggestion this idea!
  9. ***** CLOSING TOPIC AND POLL ***** Decision has been made to have suicide potions and not have meat spoiler. Suicide potions will be added on the next restart / update
  10. I have been working hard in the back ground while I've been updating servers etc on a competition system for players at JR. This has just been activated today and we have released our first competition. You can find our competition system here: We are committed to bringing new exciting events/competitions to JR for ingame and real world items. We will be giving away merchandise soon for competitions and more. It's an exciting time for JR as we move forward with our players. To see the latest competition and see whats on offer, have a read here: We hope that you enjoy the competitions, every week or so a new competition will be posted and they all will be different and there will be different prizes every time. Please comment on what you think and if you'd like to suggest a competition please do so here: Thanks guys!
  11. Well, here we are. Our first ARK competition! This competition is for the best build on our ark servers, points out of 3 will be awarded for creativity, location and size. If we have a tie breaker the community will vote for what they think is the best build and it's left to public vote only. RULES: Has to be built on JR Servers Completed within the timeframe given Tribes can compete for the prize Entries must have at least one picture (You can add this at the bottom) Map Co-Ords must be given IF rules are not followed you WILL BE disqualified. While TRIBES can work together, please note this doesn't make it any easier. Points are awarded fairly. What do you win? JR Premium membership for every member involved with the build for 3 months, this will give you more features on our minecraft servers as well as removing advertising around the website Build will be showcased in our JR video we will be creating soon Build, player and tribe will be showcased on our ARK Hub page Ingame: A complete metal tool kit Ingame: A complete flak armour set Ingame: 20 Black pearls each Fabricated Sniper Rifle with 4 rounds To enter? If you have more than one photo, upload competition screenshots in a album (so it's easy to track): (to attach these to a competition entry use Insert Other Media on bottom right of description of entry and click insert existing attachment) Post a competition entry: When is the end date for entries? 29th June 2017 When will the winner be announced? 1st July 2017 To see entries, past, current and winning go to the competition system:
  12. quite sad to see the minecraft hud destroyed, didn't know so much happened in the spawn of 2 years or so

    1. Jamie


      Hey man, welcome back to JR. You on minecraft right now?

  13. I am almost level 100 after couple days playing. We also consider to make the Dino's little bit harder. Maby increaseing the difficulty level higher then 3. Is just an idea. l played a lot on maps with extinction core mod. It's hard, but fun. Only the tribe mans are not so funny. You can reduce the tribe man population in the Server Ini file. But this idea is for a separate post.
  14. As someone who sinks way too much time into DCUO, end game stuff is so much fun and makes you want to carry on playing!
  15. Higher stacks would be nice but not with decreased weight. Dinos already have increased weight so you can just lvl a dino to carry whatever you need. (my fresh quetzal had 1k weight right after taming. lvling is fast as well) Just have something with you to carry your stuff. even my ankylo alone has 2k weight (since im playing mostly alone) The only thing, that i would love would be higher stacks to have less room wasted. Weight could even be vanilla. By the way we already have increased stacks and switching mods might/will lead to lost ressources. Keep that in mind as well.
  16. We had it set on 0.1 on the pvp server and it was ok.
  17. I think that would be a decent solution, it at least means that players have to play the game properly before they can just upgrade things. I reckon that leaving it for end game / level 170 upwards?
  18. In the end the daily survival is mostly over when you have something big to ride (you dont even need any armor for that). But in my opinion the upgradestation would be nice to help with caves/bosses. you just cant do some alone or in little groups. Of course it should fit the server. Leave it for "endgame". Maybe for lvl180/190+? So you still have to work to get there. And getting to this lvl isnt that hard to be honest. Never played with that mod but upgrading should be expensive so you have to farm for your desired stuff. In early lvls i dont think its useful. having op gear before you even have a stonebase feals dumb and completely destroys the survival part.
  19. A lower radius would be nice so it doenst feel like living in a desert It also would make foundations near metal nodes possible without destroying the spawn. But it needs to be tested so the nodes/trees/bushes dont actually spawn inside walls and foundations. (some bad experiences with another server, having trees and rocks spawning in doors and so on all the time...)
  20. CS: GO has just released a new update today. Please update your client if you would like to play! Update notes below from devs: This build contains significant changes in the game server and GOTV network delta packets processing to allow running two GOTV server instances with different delays, to allow correcting cameraman shots using a spectator connected to a small delay TV, and airing corrected shots on the longer delay TV. This client build is compatible with regular public game servers. New settings for the game server: tv_delay1 allows to set a custom delay on TV1 server, with the developed scenario having TV1 delay be at least 3 seconds, and not more than TV0 delay configured with tv_delay setting. tv_allow_camera_man_steamid2 allows configuring an additional interactive caster account, with the developed scenario connecting the main caster as a live spectator on the game server directly, and the additional interactive caster connect to TV1 server with a small delay. tv_challenge_steam_iprange allows configuring a set of comma-separated IP ranges, clients connecting from those IP addresses will go through full Steam authentication even for GOTV connections, which is necessary for additional interactive caster authentication. New settings for the game client: cameraman_override setting controls when additional interactive caster camera is used to override the primary caster. Setting cameraman_override 1 on the additional interactive caster connected to TV1 will start overriding the primary interactive caster from the moment this setting is enabled in small delay TV timeline, and setting cameraman_override 0 will stop the override at the moment this command is issued in small delay TV timeline. With cameraman_override set to 1, the camera position of the additional interactive caster is transmitted to the TV1 server and overrides camera positions of the primary interactive caster. Consumers of TV0 GOTV data delayed enough for the overrides to take place will be receiving corrected camera positions. cl_cameraman_override_messages setting controls whether UI message is displayed in spectate panel to indicate that the camera override is taking place. UI message can be disabled by setting cl_cameraman_override_messages 0. Developed example scenario: Server is configured with tv_delay1 3 seconds, and tv_delay 10 seconds, both TV0 and TV1 servers are active and additional interactive caster account connected to TV1 server. Players X and Y on one team playing against players U and V on another team, players X and U go towards bombsite A, players Y and V go towards bombsite B. There’s no camera that main caster account can select to keep all players in view, so they select to broadcast POV of player X approaching bombsite A. When the round clock in the live game shows 0:56 player V unexpectedly eliminates player Y, and that action wasn’t observed by the main caster. At this point, our additional interactive caster connected to a 3 second delay server still has their round clock showing 0:59 and all players alive. Additional interactive caster switches their camera POV to player V to broadcast the shot and executes their bind to set cameraman_override 1. Alternatively additional interactive caster can switch to in-eye POV of player Y who is still alive at 0:59 but will be eliminated shortly and execute their bind to set cameraman_override 1. When TV1 round clock reaches 0:50, additional interactive caster may decide to relinquish broadcast control to the main live cameraman and should then execute their bind to set cameraman_override 0. Broadcast for viewers connected to the 10 seconds delayed TV0, broadcast for viewers watching GOTV+ HTTP stream from TV0, and the GOTV demo file recorded on TV0, will contain POV of player X until 0:59, then selected camera shot of player V eliminating player Y until 0:53, and then continued POV of player X. Neither GOTV broadcast, nor GOTV demo file, will have additional interactive caster’s SteamID recorded, and the data should be seamless on the client, just as if the main caster could have switched to different broadcast POVs at 0:59 and 0:53 round clock times. Alternatively, entire broadcast can be performed with the additional interactive caster on TV1 having cameraman_override 1, controlling camera POV all the time and never relinquishing control to the live interactive caster, while still being able to get information from live game either on the screen of live interactive caster or from game state integration data pushed from live interactive caster session. Keep in mind however that commentary sound is always recorded live from the main interactive caster voice channel and is not modified by additional interactive caster.
  21. Last week
  22. Since the last update half an hour ago we had a Failed to map mod error popup. This was an error caused due to Ragnarok removing the Lore Mod. You should now be able to connect! Any issues please contact me. Thanks
  23. ACM our admin mod needed a update today, It's updated now and ready to go. In this update we have also removed Auto Torches as Structures Plus has this feature in and we didn't remove AutoTorches till now as some users were using them, We have decided to remove the mod now. If you were using AutoTorches please use the Structures Plus AutoTorch. That's it for tonight guys, Bed time for me!
  24. I'm not sure how many hours Chris has played, I'm still new to the game. That shouldn't matter, we are experienced server admins, you don't need to be 100% on ARK and know every part about it to run a server. We are learning a lot as we move along. We want to keep the majority of our players happy so we can grow our userbase. The small mods that were voted for here, are small and they will not cause any lag or load to the server or clients due to the way they work. Right now it looks like only suicide potions will be added. And I do understand why now they are needed/wanted, people seem to get stuck in the map at random times and the only easy way (without adding a ton weight) carrying a foundation is killing them selves and going back to retrieve there stuff. All this is doing is adding a craftable item in game, which wont add any issue to the server since it doesn't spoil etc.It's like carrying a piece of wood etc.
  25. Very interesting view from an admin. If I understand correctly you say, " get what all new players want as long as they are not to big" I have one very serious question to you. How many hours do you have in this game?. ARK that is. Shin
  26. Away starting from 1st July 2017 and returning home on the 11th July 2017. Going on holiday with my family
  27. I have just taken a look at the documentation for the mod and it can be customised in almost every aspect so we can limit upgrades that the station can do, and we can customise how many engram points it costs and at what level the engram is available
  28. I just voted for whatever was popular at the time as I am not really against these mods being installed as they do not seem to be that big
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