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    • Okay, so I've noticed an issue / well not so much of an issue but an interesting bug none the less.  Before you state anything below please note the only subscription I have is xbox live gold nothing else. I have attached proof below, meaning this isn't game pass related. I have also never ever signed up for gamepass:  The issue at hand is I can open some xbox games without having the disc in the console.  Currently I can open without the disc: Halo MCC Halo 5 Forza Horizon 4 (I have never bought this game) Game sharing? No this is not the case as I have ensure I have logged out of my families xbox that my brothers use. (They don't have halo mcc or halo 5.) Yesterday I noticed that I was playing halo 5 while the mcc disk was in the drive and then realized both games were able to be opened and played fully without game quits without the disk in the drive (I've never got a digital copy of either game). As you can see by this picture: I'm in a halo lobby without either game put in and I do not have a second copy of the games. I am a halo insider which could explain Halo MCC and Halo 5 but not Forza Horizon 4. I'm sharing this looking for people to see if they can open the same without the disc in the tray. I have tried other games but they give me 2 different errors. Either Do you own this game or app? Or the other been Insert the game disc We need that to read the licence if the disc is already in check to see if its damaged or scratched. On the do you own this game or app when you put in the disc the discs can be removed and the game quits as normal.  But for the games that ask to read the licence. If you remove the disk while in game / loading the game freezes and becomes unplayable. (it doesn't quit) This is an interesting behavior, it could be handy to find out what is causing this as I don't believe it to be in relation to subscriptions, it seems to be a glitch which could possibly be exploited to work across other games. Does anyone have any information on why this could be happening other than gamepass / home xbox?  Is this happening to you, please let me know so we can figure out why this is happening. I have searched some forums and they have blamed the same gamepass / home xbox or EA access. It is definitely something up with licensing and I'm interested in trying to replicate it somehow.
    • This has now been resolved.
    • There is activity on extinction or at least there was someone called Knight playing, i saw some new players the last few weeks but they dont stay long. And i play on Island and extinction ofc. Once in a while gewoon olaf plays on ragnarok   A large group of i think 5 people  have left Ragnarok a while ago. To another server.But idd Ragnarok has resetted its day 4 now.. .
    • please it's the only one where there is still activity.   Marcusf
    • Yup its done Jamie thx for taking the time. I love the speed with taming .
    • Apologies I've been rather busy with work. I will be back properly next week.
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