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    • This should be resolved now, please let me know!
    • I noticed that on extinction the char level isnt raised. Its still level 105. While on ragnarok and the island its a lot higher. Probably something went wrong with Extinction.  
    • So a little while ago I completed the main story for Far Cry New Dawn and I have to say they made a huge improvement on 5. I'll start off this review with a warning, if you don't want the story to be spoiled for you then stop reading and go pick up the game.   Starting off, the story was greatly improved, it was intriguing the full way through and constantly made me want to know what was going to happen next, with it even featuring a lot of cameos from characters from Far Cry 5. The game itself is set after the events of the last game's good ending, when Joseph Seed set off a nuclear warhead. Believe it or not in this game New Eden still lives on, as the good guys! You don't personally play as them or join them, but you do meet with Joseph and his son in an attempt to team up against the new threat facing hope county: the highwaymen. Led by two twins that this game will teach you to hate in every way physically possible.  Next we'll look at the new way weapons are ranked. Instead of just being judged on stats and being able to add attachments, weapons are based on a colour that determines their rarity. Grey, blue, purple and finally golden. You have a similar system for vehicles. You are also put in charge of upgrading your home base that is home to the resistance fighting the highwaymen. With these upgrades you'll get perks and access to crafting more powerful weapons.  As we move on we'll discuss the new enemy systems too. They also share the ranking system with weapons and vehicles. With the most common being easy to beat and with no armour. All the way up to the golden enemies. They can take a real bad beating and have incredibly powerful weapons, these guys should NOT be messed with unless you know you have the firepower to match. You mostly meet them at the most difficult outposts. Speaking of which, outposts can be scavenged. Meaning you let the highwaymen retake it and you'll get better rewards for taking it back. Another topic that I want to touch on is the brand new expeditions. You'll take a helicopter with a loveable pilot to highwaymen outposts all across North America, ranging from Texas all the way to remote jungles containing massive military planes. Each of these expeditions has a package you have to steal, after 30 seconds a beacon signifies to the highwaymen, "Oh **** our stuff's gone" and they all come in brute force while you wait for the pilot to swing back around. The unique locations and great loot, make this another really nice addition to the game. Although there has been these good points I must touch on something I personally didn't like too much. And it might seem petty or small considering the game. The character face/hair/clothing options. Really couldn't find anything that didn't look kinda stupid as a guy who's meant to be single handedly taking on the massive army. But other than that, my review is finished. My final verdict is that Far Cry New Dawn is a game definitely worth buying. If you're a long time fan of the series and you haven't got it yet now is definitely the time. 
    • Peachy Decor
    • i dont know any mods but one with carpets curtains and such things would be fun  
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