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Okay, this will be my last music post for a bit so i am not spamming yall... Just cannot resist this last set of songs:

This one is well.... beautiful:

Onto victory you shall go! RAWR!

And Jamie, I know you will like this one [has guitars in it :) ]

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This one sounds like a new beginning after a devastating war where mankind was victorious. There are memories of what is lost and who is gone, but all was not in vain.

Through darkness, tribulation, and unbearable odds, we have prevailed and made sure that the continuum of the human race goes on:

After traveling space, with much hardship, one returns home... [the best i could come up for this one XD]

Throughout the ages, we are remember for our works, works that have stood the test of time. Stories that are told about our triumphs and tragedies...

Of course, cannot forget The Hobbit!!!!

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