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Stormworks discussion

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So, allow me to explain what I'm here for and why. This is to discuss an early access game called Stormworks: Build and Rescue. The game is available on steam at the moment. It includes an incredibly large map spanning multiple regions, taking place on a fiction isle, the majority of the map is an open ocean though there is a significant amount of islands and bases. There's also a wonderful weather system including fog, wind and rain. Even tsunamis! The water physics are some of the best I've ever seen and include realistic pressurisation for vehicles like planes and submarines. Your health will be threatened by multiple factors, cold, heat, falling damage, getting thrown around during a flight gone wrong, or maybe the recently added megalodon! The goal as a player of the game is to build vehicles to be used for missions or exploration, these can be anything from cars to planes, helicopters, boats, submarines, spaceships and so much more! Though I must admit the game's strengths are in the ocean and the air, the driving isn't the best made though I'm sure this will be addressed in the future. The game also includes a very large workshop filled with vehicles made by other players, these vehicles can have things like radios, autopilot, altitude hold, maps, and some people have even been experimenting with missiles! The game shows a lot of potential with frequent updates and an upcoming update to change the mission system. And let's not forget the multiplayer! They recently added a playerlist including dedicated servers, though it started off quite buggy the multiplayer has become much more stable. Though I must admit framerate has been a running issue with the game overall that will hopefully be addressed in the foreseeable future. The devs have remained active even through this dark time and I cannot wait to see more, I recommend the game to anyone looking for something new! 

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