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I'll be away between the following dates.... although it is very likely I will get bored and come on the forums at some point anyway :P 


18/07/2013 until 22/07/2013

24/07/2013 until 28/07/2013

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wut now

Please refrain from posting replies to topics that are less than three words long, and/or do not contribute towards the topic or accomplish the goal of the topic. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Hello everyone,


My fourth year at college is nearing [within the week]! So it is with a sad heart that I must say that this week my play time will be decreasing and then at the start of next week to the week after you may only see me on the occasional weekend or sporadically if i have time to get on. I will always try to browse the forums but cannot guarantee anything as one class I have will be taking 20-40 hours of each week without any of my other classes taken into account on the hours.


This will last from the 17th August 2014 - 19 December 2014.


Hope to see you all around!


And as always, build with the land, and build what you see in the land, you may be surprised at what you are capable of!



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