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So many college letters to go through. One of them better accept. With a good scholarship. Next year. Else I'ma be pissed.


So the website for me to check for one of these is University of Miami. The website address is umadmission... 
What it should say UM Admission

What I read U Mad Mission
Good job me

And damn they have the 2 things I wanna major in most (Biomed engineering and software engineering) at this moment. And they have a program for multimajor.

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So many notes to catch up on O_o AS chemistry has way too much content, pretty much finished all my other AS courses and just doing revision but nope not for Chem, still got two more modules great :P

Hmmm started to think, the more work I do the less I seem to want to work. Maybe I should just do no work :o then I'll want to do work!

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