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Guest MarkW94

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Guest MarkW94

Hey guys, Mark here, bored lol.

Okay so this is a pretty simple game basically You just have to make up a question starting with have you ever.

E.G Have you ever been to hospital?

Once or twice, have you ever...etc.

Okay so I'll start things off with...Have you ever been to a nightclub?

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Yes, Accountancy this year. Math previous year (although I did much better in my finals).

I hope to get good marks in Acc. as well, in the finals

Have you flamed a staff member on any forum? :)

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Yes. Spiders! Although I keep looking at them and it freaks me out. The image is stored in my head and it then replays a nightmare in my head when I'm still a wake D:

Have you ever dumped someone?

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