The /sell and /buy command


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  1. 1. Do you want the command taken out?

    • YES!, I want to go back to the old jr
    • NO!, I like jr just the way it is now!

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You are all complaining about how DynEco was very exploitable, but that is because NOONE looked through the configs before it was installed on the servers. All the minimum and maximum prices on the plugin was utter complete s***. Try to give it some time instead of raging about it here, we are working on it! I fixed atleast 15 things for the plugin yesterday...

And about it ruining the economy even more, not really. The economy was also complete s*** before it was installed. <-- Nothing changed.

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kav0503' timestamp=1338695595' post='70884] 4. It gets rid of the original MC way of doing things. If you need materials go and gather materials rather then buy infinite amounts from nowhere.

There isn't an infinite amount of items, only what has been sold into the plugin. That's how the prices change if everything is bought out there will be a high price on the item, so that people are enticed into selling that item, then the opposite when there is lots of stock.

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