Toby Sundheimer

what would you first do as an admin?

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I would probably not be able to do anything except stare at my computer in disbelief. Once I snapped out of it I would probably throw a party and give everyone 2k, I have the money :P.

(Secretly hoping that the 2k bought their souls, I would then command them to mine for me and get me unlimited cobble, coal, obsidian, and gold and then build a huge man made mountain and huge estate on and around it.)

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Roberto' timestamp=1341516666' post='76763] i'd put a Fluttershy NPC in every house, town, building, farm, open field, and change everyones name to Fluttershy

Replace the word "Fluttershy" with "Discord". They, when Discord is EVERYWHERE, the chocolate milk rain will be so delicious, that you all bow down to me, because I make the best rain. I have gained your respect. I will then proceed to turn you all gray. No, turn you to your least favorite color. And THEN, pies will begin to rain up. No problem. Then your houses are cardboard cutouts. Ok! Then.... as master admin, you all will give me a potaot, in exchange for happiness and pie. Or happiness pie. But If I don't like the potato, you explode into confetti. Simple as that. Not a complex plan at all. I do have my inspiration though.

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@Carter - That'd be an interesting idea. WorldEdit the world into a giant cookie!

We'd have to make a texture pack so that the ocean was white, as if it was milk! XD

The World is circular thanks to WorldBorder - perhaps we could actually do this on April Fool's Day or something? WE a giant cookie up near skyrock in survival?

This would be the first thing I would do if I was an admin for sure! Actually, no, I would use my admin powers to tell ask beg grovel @xemnes to do this! XD

EDIT: If @Peter doesn't make this an idea in Ideas & Suggestions by later tonight, I will! (I'd prefer if you did it though, Peter, since you could copy both your post and mine over there)

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I would first send everyone to TheEnd, and make them battle to the death with enderdragons, and when they died, they would spawn in TheEnd again! And it would be a killing bloodbath! (Well, I would if I could :/)

@IgbarX Didn't we do that already :P

Spawn loads of creepers to blow up a mountain and lag the server... ohh ya, did that :P (was literally my first action on the server as an Admin (granted, our first server which had an amazing 5 players on at one time).

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    • I will discuss this with the admin team at our next meeting
    • @Jamie I understand quite for classic flyer, but a lot of server with 20 + mod to 9000 days always runs. it's just something I do not understand too much. a team of 4-5 players on ragnarok left a week ago because it was missing this mod and that of upgrading station (for more fun), in just a few days they were already with a big base which 1/3 of the base in tek. it's a shame to lose people especially a big part. I had to talk with a future addition (possible when you have time) where my call today (late), they left for a server with mod creature (primal fear or Ark eternal - something in the genre), hence my call at the level of the dinos to avoid a too big mod. (although interesting. Marcusf   something new, other than classic flyer and another this is an interesting mod, making the high level dino spawn, adapt to other mod raising the level of wild dinos.
    • We will look at certain mods to see the status of them soon. We will not be adding mods that are not required for play.  Cross ark mods will not be implemented due to issues that may arise, unless classic flyers sorts the bugs I will not be installing it again. It causes a huge increase in server load and causes issues constantly with dino overspawning. Level 300 dinos we can add but it's not just a quick job saying let's level them, the last time we did this we then had to up all the player levels with custom levels which also made more headache than was worth.  Classic flyer bug reports are here for reference: Wyverns/Pelas/Quetzals overspawning all over the place? This is what we've termed the overspawn issue. Particular species of dinos overspawning on a map is a core-game issue that can happen when any remap mod, like this one, is used. It is a recognized bug by WC but is not considered a priority fix by them. Please see the FAQ and Changes to CF's Culling System discussion for more information on the overspawn issue and how CF corrects for it. This bug is a headache and while there is a culling system that can be used, load is still increased and I have found that culling does not work all the time.
    • @Jamie and @Chris where is the future addition of mod? and put back the dinos lvl 300.   MarcusF
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