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Season 3 was amazing! Best episode ever! (That's a stretch, but it was great nonetheless.) Better than I was expecting to be honest. Although I didn't see Derpy Hooves which is a negative, and the villain was kind of meh. I can't remember his name, something like somber or something of that nature. I'm glad it introduced new stuff, Crystal Ponies are boss.

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IgbarX' timestamp=1353023777' post='90103] Btw, what the heck is a 'Euh' or, 'Ueh', or, 'Heh' or, 'Hu' or, 'Hue' (Forgot it!) Anyway?

@IgbarX Well a hue, as Mooss stated, is a shade or color (the hue Rarity was referring to) but the "petting zoo with tiny EWES" as Fluttershy said, a ewe is an adult female sheep who can produce offspring.

:P Hope that clears up any confusion.

P.S And yes, the crystal fair song is amazingly addicting. I can listen to it 20 times and not realize it...

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