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2 Ideas In 1. Radio &

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Okay, well to save time and space on JR I thought to make my 2 suggestions in this topic.

1. Radio I have set up a unofficial JR Radio station here. I think it would be a good idea to embed the radio station into JRNetwork so you don't need to go on the site to listen to the radio. Also it would be awesome to have some DJ's and have a "Request Song" feature. There could also be a schedule on who's going to DJ and when. If Jamie wants to or a founder they can login to the casters back-end and change the settings to the way you guys want it to be. I in no way want to have full control over this I think either Jamie or Flaw or someone trust worthy should have control over the station apart from just me.

2. I recently saw a topic stating that AVO team might or might not be trying to get us and really all we need to do is mass ban all the usernames they used on the videos. I have a list of cracked MC account usernames whom have been used by griefers.

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