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Interesting Facts!

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  • Potato in French is Pomme de Terre. Which means apple of the earth.
  • In ancient Indian culturnes, the potato was worshipped, for they believed the souls of their buried dead housed themselves in potatoes while they were growing. The potato was holy.
  • A potato is 80% water
  • Potatoes go good with cheese :D

There. 4 fun potato facts for you!

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Did you know that a panini is actually a ham, italian dressing and salami on flat bread that is grilled, not just anything on grilled flatbread.

Did you know Fire Emblem is the first game that is strategy RPG?

Did you know if you are/were a 'nerd' in school you are more likely to be successful in their life?

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Armdys' timestamp=1341689499' post='77063] Did you know in a town in New York it is illegal to walk backwards on a sidewalk while eating peanuts during a concert.

Talk about more stupid laws :lol:

I'd laugh if foreigners were the most likely culprits of this because its so common to be walking on a side walk backwards eating peanuts /sarcasm.


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