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Logo Contest for in-game items!


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I am hosting a contest for in game cash, i am in desperate need for a avatar (logo) for my profile on face book and youtube for my channel warhawk studios. the contest is whoever can make the best logo for my youtube page earns full set of diamond tools in game plus some odds and end items like diamond tools.


*picture must not be larger than 800x800 1mb

*picture must be a perfect square

*must follow same style provided




*must be similar to the two resources provided.

*must have same color scheme and techy look as the title and the photo


The contest will be held till august 31 (my birthday)

winner will be announced no more than 2 days after contest closing

Entries Format:


In game name:

resolution: (ex. 800x800 pixles)

photo size: (ex. 1 Mb)

just post it below in the comments.

thanks for joining and May the odds be ever in your favor :D

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Meh. Ill see what I can musterup

Oh if Dan is in this then everyone else who just wants to beat Dan in something will enter! XD

I will probably try to enter; I have a week after I move back into my dorm (in two weeks) before classes begin, so I'll have my multiple monitors and all set up and will be able to do proper GIMPing then. That being said, it depends on if I have trouble finding & paying for my books for the semester, etc. But I do want to enter, so I will if I am able. :)

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