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What player has helped you the best on the server?

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Ok, he may be a helper NOW but k2trf is probably the most helpful in my opinion. While he was citizen/gold, he was always helping the tourists and citizens with any issues they may have. He sometimes even helped the staff with testing things. And the fact that he was offered helper and passed on it for so long showed that he never really had a goal when he was helping... Other than to help.

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IgbarX has been an awesome friend but he never helped me so much because... I didn't really need much help.

I remember when Iggy, Armdys, JxAce, Barbermiss, rstoy, and a few others were citizens and I remember how CSB and I got helper around the same time and when Emil was just a mod... good times...

Oh balls so many O.O

Well here it goes...

Petersmileyface, Flaw, Emil, @IgbarX , M_Mertz, Piffy, Jamie (duh), Jaybird, Cazzum and @Joe!

Those are the main ones XD

And I bet 80% of the people reading this won't know at least one of them

I know each and every one of them ;)

I also remember the day Moorhead, zulu, and even CSB joined as tourists months after I joined

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