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Unique / Rare Rewards

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I was thinking about some of the ways Jamie has made it fun and encouraging to play on his server, and i came up with a suggestion/idea that would help along those lines.

I've noticed there are rewards like free gold membership for 2 weeks and winning a game, or getting 1000 Coins or a nice drop like a golden apple for voting.

But I haven't seen any rewards in the form rare drops except for diamonds.

For someone who is interested in the free game, but is hard pressed to pay for the same game, that works great for them.

Similarly 2 weeks of free gold membership is nice.

But since rewards are intended to encourage game play on the Jrnetwork server, I was thinking the rarest of items could be a reward.

It would be so cool to have rewards like high level enchanted armor (full set) or other enchanted items. Or items that are hard to collect a stack of like Ghast tears, or slime balls. Also potions, the good ones. I would do lots for rewards along those lines.

after all, the only current ways to get these items involves either high risk or a lot of time/ trouble.

please let me know if this idea can be implemented or not.

thanks, Nick (christian2gothic)

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how does the automatic rewards work? i know i can use invedit to create enchanted items, and use things like mcedit to multiply each item. who says the rewards thing has to be automatic. maybe you get something nice like a golden apple or cake which, upon request could be exchanged for something more valuable. or having the right combination of items could be exchanged for enchanted stuff, or even XP! i dont know, just throwing out ideas here.

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