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As I walked 1/10


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This was reposted as i could not find where i had last left of, so many corrections i had made in the old parts, and so that more people could read my story as well as be notified there were new releases. READ AWAY ;)

As I walked, the wind blew softly. Slapping away the sweat from my forehead, I pushed onward. Lugging my backpack with everything I could fit in it, I planned to run far and not turn back. My life had just taken a turn for the worst and I had only one plan: run.

It started to pour hard, beating down on me, yet I cared not. Nothing could be worse than what had already happened. Cars passed with no delay, some splashing me with their passing water, some making sure not to get me wetter than I already was. All around me prairie grass blew in sync to the beat of the rain. The air smelled of wet grass and pine, but every time I tried to smell this beauty, I got a nose full of water from it dripping down my face. With the sun setting, I knew I would be walking all night, not caring that my body would fight me all the way. I walked slowly, watching the grass flow slowly by. My legs were sore, my feet burned with blisters, and all I could do to keep moving was to not think at all. I had hitch-hiked this far with truckers, but with the rain poring this hard, they didn’t want to take the chance on country roads like these and had turned in for the night.

With the rain not letting up I knew I would be forced to stop, but where? I was just a kid; I had no money, no plans, and no family, or at least I didn’t consider them family any more. Walking along this small country road was all I could do for now.

The road seemed to go on for miles and miles, with farm land on each side of me, and little broken-down shacks. My shoes were covered in mud, my pants and jacket drenched in rain and splashes from passing cars, and my hair wet as a mop.

I just knew I wanted to leave the past behind and start a new life, but the fact that I had left my little brother there with Him seemed to haunt me. I knew I ultimately had to go back for him and sneak him out, but first I had to find a place for us to survive. I know I am only twelve, but no one deserves to go through what I did, and neither does my brother.

As I kept walking I began to feel the muscles scream at me to stop. My legs and feet had become tingly and my hands ice cold. It was no help that it was only going to get colder and I had left my gloves and hat behind.

I had probably walked for more than five hours from that small town the trucker had stopped at, more than 20 miles, and the effects of nature finally started to destroy me. I knew I couldn’t last much longer, but with a sign I had passed not too far back telling me I wasn’t far from a small town, I knew I had to try. I was some 200 miles from home and knew there was no turning back.

Behind me colored lights flashed, I could feel the car coming up behind me. The bright light blinded me as it came close. Kicking up gravel as it stopped, a man no older than twenty five stepped out of the car. With his yellow safety raincoat covering his head, he ran to me.

“Kid, what are you doing out here!†was all I heard before I collapsed; Mother Nature had finally beaten me. My head hit the gravel ground with a thud, and as my eyes closed, I saw the man throw his coat over me and reach down for me.

When I finally woke up I could barely feel my hands and feet. Wrapped in many blankets, an IV in my arm, and a thermometer in my mouth, a nurse was standing over me smiling at me.

“Well it’s about time hun; you’ve been out for a while,†she said.

All I could merely do was put a small smile on for her and nod my head. Once she had checked my temperature, she began to check on the giant bump on my head. The instant she held on to my leg to lean over and check the bump, I screamed out in pain. The muscles were still very tender from the miles and miles of walking. It was no help that I still had bruises all over from the last beating He gave me. She moved quickly once she heard my scream of pain and began to calm me down. Taking a small needle of what I assumed was pain killers; she stuck it into my IV and began the fill it into the tube.

“That should help dear, but I’ll have the doctor come in and check on you soon. Just rest and watch some TV; it seems you’ve had a rough night. Oh and my name is Denise by the way, so just holler if you need me hun†she said as she grabbed the clipboard and walked out of the room.

I had done it; I had gotten away. This was just a small price that I had to pay to avoid Him, but I knew my brother would pay for it if I didn’t get him out of there soon. Every night he would come home from work, sit on the couch to watch TV, and get drunk. If we happened to forget the tiniest thing, or ask a simple question, he wouldn’t hesitate to take his frustrations out on us. Since mom had died, this was his routine, and it seemed he would never stop. Without her, I turned into his own personal punching bag, taking the punishment for my brother whenever I could. I would have bruises and cuts all over my back and ass from his belt; he didn’t care how hard he hit me it seemed. He had never once stopped to think how young we were, not once to think how little we deserved this, never.

Shaking those thoughts out of my head, I looked around. My bed was in the corner of the room with glass walls in front with the curtains slightly opened, two chairs to my left, and a small lamp between them; the typical hospital room I guess you could say. As I tried to move to reach my backpack that was on the floor next to me, the pain seared across my body. Sitting back fast and cringing in pain: I realized it was no use: I had overworked my body.

Looking out the giant window to my left, a sunny and warm day had come out of the storm. The rays of sun danced across the room and warmed me. Kids played soccer in a small park across the street whilst the parents talked. As I watched them play, the doctor walked in and started to check the machines before he was quickly pulled out by a nurse and rushed to the TV at the nurses’ station.

Checking back over at the doctor I saw his face go into shock. I turned to the TV. All the nurses were watching as my face appeared on the news. Quickly changing the channel to find it, it was me. It was a story of the officer that found me on the side on the road and listed me as a missing person, telling my parents (dad) that I was at the hospital. s***! That was a mistake…he would come for me and I knew it.

The doctor seemed to think for a minute before he slowly walked back to my room with his hands in his pockets. Facing a chair towards me and sitting down, he places a hand on top of mine.

“Do you want to tell me what happened?†he asked.

I looked down, ashamed, knowing I was now in trouble. I want to tell him, to get my brother and I out of that house together; to protect him. Heck, protecting my brother is my job; it’s every sibling’s job. I looked at the doctor with tears in my eyes as I thought about my brother and the pain he must be going through right now.

He held my hand and patted it with the other. “It’s going to be OK; no one will hurt you here, and we’re here to help you. If you need some time to think I can go and check back on you later. Would that be better?â€

I nodded my head. Releasing my hand and messing my hair a little as he left, I watched him walk across the hall to the nurses’ station and join them in watching the news. I calmed myself down before I returned to relaxing. I turned back to the cartoons the nurse had turned on. Typical adults, thinking us teenagers are still little kids that like cartoons. That’s all lies…maybe… OK, GOD, we like cartoons. Happy I said it? Inside we are all still children at heart; wanting to play, watch cartoons, hang-out with friends, and just be our selves.

I knew the doctor would come back soon, what was I going to say? What was I supposed to say? I ran away from an abusive, drunk father that doesn’t give a s*** about me or my brother and I left my brother behind? Man, am I such a nice brother…to leave the youngest with a now angrier drunk. Where would we go from here even if I did get my brother away from Him? What would they do to Him?

Laying there I thought of the amazing times when I was young and carefree. I just existed with no thought of who I was or who I was supposed to be. I could always count on having fun with my brother before our mom died. Mom would always sit on the porch in her rocking chair reading a book, or else in the kitchen baking while she watched over us play soccer in the yard. I was never successful in tiring out that little energizer bunny, but playing for hours not only taught us a lot, it brought us together as brothers should be. After we wore ourselves out at the end of the day we would come inside to fresh baked treats and milk waiting on the counter. Mom always loved making us smile.

It would be a few hours before the next nurse came in with a tray of food for me; by that time I was starved and ate everything on the tray, even though it was a poor excuse for good food. While I ate the nurse checked all the machines and scratched down some notes before she smiled and walked out. She had handed off the notes to the doctor as he walked towards my room. My heart sunk; I knew I was going to have to tell him what had happened and why I was in the condition I was, but could he help me?

“Nathan, my name is Doctor James, I know your scared but you can trust me†he said in a soft tone. “I’ve worked here long enough to know exactly what’s going on, so it’s best to just tell me the truth so I can get you the most help.â€

Starting to cry I finally spoke; “I ran away from home because my dad has become an abusive drunk and I’m a horrible brother that left Josh behind, is that what you want to hear?†I broke down after that and hid my face, crying into my pillow.

Putting his hand on my back, the doctor stayed with me until I settled down, telling me it was good that I told him. He would let the officer know so he could come take pictures of the marks on my body and have someone watch over me incase my father showed up. After telling me his plan Doctor James left the room. Before he closed the door, I thought I saw a tear roll his cheek.

It took me a while till I could clear the tears away and relax again, but I think breaking down was for the better; it let out a lot of anger and guilt. I can’t remember the last time I saw dad break down, maybe his break down is with alcohol. He certainly has a way of releasing anger though, mainly at our expense.

It was now around three in the afternoon and dinner was not till seven, so deciding to take a nap I felt was my best option instead on watching cartoons for hours on end. Positioning myself was not the easiest task with these wires and IV’s connected to me, but managing the best I could I drifted off to sleep. I’ve always had a connection with my brother no matter where I am, sibling powers are funny that way. I began to dream of my brother. He had locked himself in his room and hidden in the closet curled up crying. Sadly he was holding my teddy bear that I have had since I was born. Dad hadn’t come home yet but he knew better than to be in site when dad got home. I wanted so much to comfort him and take him with me, but being only eight years old he wasn’t the fastest to run away with.

Waking up from the heart breaking dream I quickly grasped the shark tooth necklace that I was wearing. I had left my teddy bear beside my brother the night I left and traded for his necklace so that I would always have a piece of him with me until we could be together. He had worn this necklace every day since mom died; it was the last thing mom had given him. I felt bad for taking it, but it was the piece most connected to him and my mom.

I had woken up right on time as dinner was coming down the hall carried by Denise. “Well don’t you look hungry little man! I brought you what this place calls food, but I snuck out and got you a little something extra†She said as she revealed a bag of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. I almost started crying again, but simply thanked her and put the cookies beside me.

I stared at the food since I knew how bad the last tray had tasted, but when a teenagers stomach growls, you better listen. I slowly began to eat the burger and fries but decided to stay away from the cooked carrots; they looked awful. The burger wasn’t half bad though, it reminded me a lot of my schools food. I was still hungry after I had finished the tray and I really did not want to eat the cookies since it would remind me too much of mom. With a hungry stomach and not wanting to offend the nurse I dug into the bag to try one. They were perfectly baked, soft to the bite but hard enough to stay their shape, melt in your mouth chocolate, and sadly… like my moms.

I was rudely interrupted from my amazing cookies when I heard a commotion happening down the halls. I slowly got out of bed taking my IV stand with me; since they still wanted me on fluids, and walked out into the hall. Nurses were running every which way as security guards ran past me towards whatever was going on. I instantly knew what was happening as I heard the scream of my brother. I started to run towards my brother to help him but once I saw my dad I froze. He glared at me through drunken eyes before snapping back to punching a security officer. Two other officers had drawn taser guns and fired at my dad; bringing him quickly to the ground and handcuffing him.

The nurses quickly came back out to help the injured officer and nurse that were lying on floor while my dad was taken away in a squad car. I raced to my brother and held him as nurses came with a stretcher for him. He had been pushed into a medical cart cutting his head and knocking him unconscious. Bleeding from his head, the nurse instantly started to clean him up. Taking him to the nearest room they laid him in the bed to begin stitching his head up. I held his hand the entire time, trying to be the superhero he had always seen me as, once again.

“Nathan, if you want I can have another bed brought in here with your stuff since this room is much bigger, you can stay with your brother,†Denise offered.

“That would be great†I said smiling to her.

She simply nodded her head and walked away as Dr. James approached us. He sat in the chair next to me and looked my brother over. “Do your legs still hurt?†He asked.

“They hurt a lot.â€

“That will happen when you run out of bed, but it’s amazing how adrenaline numbs the pain when you are running to help a sibling.†He said, smiling as he looked at my brother.

Denise brought in the second bed a few minutes later and helped me back into it. After replacing my drip bag she left the room only to return a minute later with a large bottle. “Now this may sting a little, but it is going to relieve some pain and cool off your muscles for a while.†She stated as she opened the bottle of what looked like lotion. Slowly spreading the lotion on my legs, she warmed her hands together before she began lightly rubbing it in. I grimaced a little as it stung but she was done quickly and left me to relax.

I reached across to hold my brother’s hand as our beds were side by side, I couldn’t bear leave him again. It would be five hours until he woke; sleeping soundly he had to squeeze my hand hard. I quickly woke to see him standing next to me and smiling. I hugged him like never before until he wheezed that he couldn’t breathe. Laughing, we sat together in my bed.

“I’m so sorry for leaving you behind, I wanted to get us help.†I said looking down. “I hope he didn’t hurt you while I was away.â€

“He really didn’t have time to hurt me; he was always at work or passed out on the couch. He saw you on the news before he went to work this morning and called in sick. He was pissed the entire drive here; ranting about how he was going to beat us. I’m just glad he was arrested finally.â€

“Don’t worry Josh, the doctors know what has been happening and have built a case of child abuse against him. The police took pictures of the marks on my back and arms, so hopefully that will be enough to put him away.â€

Josh hugged me close and started to cry. Comforting him, I knew he was happy that we were finally getting away from our dad, but I was afraid of what would happen next. I expect it would be foster care or something, but hopefully they won’t separate me from josh. Actually, I WON’T let that happen.

A week had passed as we finished recovering in the hospital, and my dad had been charged with child abuse and put in jail until trial. With the officer’s pictures of all the marks on me and my brother, the statements we had given him, and the doctor’s statement my dad was almost guaranteed to be found guilty and lose custody of us.

It had been a long time since we had been allowed at a playground since my dad never let us out of the house, but that Sunday morning my brother and I were allowed out of the hospital with a nurse to watch over us as we ran across to the park to play with the other kids. If you want to try to imagine us playing, just think about a group of kids with about a pound of sugar in them, and then set free in an amusement park. Not only did we swing, climb, jump, spin, tag, wrestle, play football and soccer, collapse and look at the sky, but we got back a part of our childhood that no kid should miss out on.

Once back inside the hospital we changed clothes from all the grass stains we now had since we were told we would soon have a visitor. I didn’t know who it would be, but I sure didn’t want them coming to tell us we had to go back with our dad. After about twenty minutes of waiting and watching tv with my brother laying next to me our visitor arrived.

“Hello boys, my name is Sally and I’m going to be your social worker†she said as she came in and set down her things.

I hadn’t the slightest clue what a social worker was until talking with Sally for a few hours about what had happened since our mom died. It was hard trying to tell her all the things that had happened, truthfully we both didn’t want to remember anyways. The thing I like most about Sally was that she promised on her life that my brother and I would never be separated and that she would do her best to find a good home for us. I guess you could say she became like an aunt to us?

After having Sally explain to us what was now going to happen, we drove the four hours back to our home to gather our clothes and items we wished to bring with us. Though we couldn’t bring everything, we tried to take as much as we could. With that said we were off to stay with Sally for a few days; the foster homes were packed full and there were no foster centers around us to stay at. Riding four hours in a car can easily put anyone to sleep as it did my brother, but I was too focused on thinking about what our life would now be like.

Finally arriving at Sally’s home after eight hours in a car, Josh was still asleep. I quietly carried him inside to the spare room Sally always had ready for situations like this. I don’t blame Josh for being so tired, he must of stayed up all night scared when I was gone. We all went straight to bed being that it was past ten and it had been a long boring day.

The next morning Sally woke us up to tell us that she needed to go to work as it was still work week for her. However, since it was still summer Josh and I stayed at the house most of the day watching tv and playing soccer outside. While Josh laid on the couch curled up in his blanket watching Ninja Turtles, I thought it would be good to clean Sally’s house as a surprise for her since she was taking care of us for the time being. It wasn’t hard finding where she kept the vacuum and broom, so I swept and mopped the kitchen and dining room. The fun part came when I plugged in the vacuum cleaner without Josh knowing. He’s always been afraid of the suction power of the vacuum cleaner after I tortured him by getting his long hair stuck in the tube once.

I slowly inched the vacuum close behind the couch and positioned the hose to be ready when I turned it on. A flip of the switch and he was off like a cat sprayed with water. Leaving behind his blanket he had quickly sprinted to our room and locked the door as I rolled on the floor laughing.

“Your evil†he cried out from behind the door as I rolled on the floor out of laughter.

I quickly vacuumed the living room so Josh could return to his cartoons, even though he didn’t trust me when I came to get him from our room. We sat on the couch together and watched the food channel since that seemed to be the only interesting thing on in the middle of the day. It turned out to be a very evil channel however; with so much good food flashing before our eyes we couldn’t resist scavenging the kitchen for something. Little happened for the rest of the afternoon, but it had been a long time since Josh and I could feel at ease; relax on the couch, torture each other, and even talk to each other without being shouted at. A little peace of mind was great for us to share with each other.

Sally arrived home around five that night and was not only shocked, but very grateful to the work I had done for her, sadly though she only brought us news of no place to call home. She prepared a simple dinner of grilled cheese, tomato soup, and French bread; my favorite. While we ate we spoke of ourselves; what grades we would be attending the next year, what kinds of sports we liked to play, what we wanted to be when we were older, all things that would help her to find the best home for us I hoped.

A lot had happened in the past week that prevented us from sleeping soundly that night. Though the other night was much easier due to our exhaustion and boredom on the road, a true night in a new place was a challenge. Lying in bed next to my brother I felt how tense he was. It had been a long time since we did not have to worry about our dad coming in raging drunk having to be ready to dodge his temper, so being tense and ready to spring away was second nature. Simply hugging Josh, he soon relaxed enough to fall asleep ten minutes later. I on the other hand slept a mere three hours purely out of exhaustion.

We awoke that Tuesday morning to once again have a boring day of playing outside, watching TV, and simply keeping each other company. This pattern would continue for the next few days until Friday morning came around. Awoken by Sally, we were told to keep clean today as we would be having guests for dinner. We did not know who they were to be, but knowing our situation we assumed, hoped, and even prayed it would be someone to foster us. I told my brother to stay in pajamas until later in the day that way when we showered and dressed, we could be pristine clean for when Sally and the guests arrived. With only an hour until Sally was due home we quickly showered and dressed, waiting near the window to sneak a peek at whoever was to arrive.

Minutes later we were not to be disappointed when Sally's small blue car pulled in the driveway to be followed by an amazing sports car. Not only was it just an amazing sports car, but one of my favorite cars; the Audi R8; red with sleek chrome side panels and an engine to make any man jealous of the power. That however was followed by another one of my favorites; the Cadillac Escalade, a very luxurious SUV. Instantly I knew I loved these people!

Stepping out of the cars were two men, both of which seemed to know each other. Sally opened the door only to find us standing directly in her path. Surprised she shooed us back inviting the men in to sit and get comfortable while she spoke to us.

"Now boys, I know it may seem odd for two men to come together to meet you, but they are husbands, married like every other family and are no different from anyone else. Be on your best behavior and we’ll see how this goes alright?" Both nodding our heads, we all headed over to sit across from the men.

"Boys this is Trevor and Kevin, and guys this is Nathan and Josh" pointing to each one as we met and shook hands. We talked a lot about ourselves, basically the questions already asked by Sally a few nights ago at dinner. Commenting on their cars, I begged and begged for a ride in the Audi since it was my dream car. Getting approval from Sally, Trevor took me for a ride around the neighborhood.

Slowly backing out of the driveway with me securely strapped in, the instant he stopped in the road to switch gears we rocketed forward, racking up our speed as quickly as we brought it back down, my adrenaline went through the roof with joy. Sharp turns and quick stops added to the fun of being in such a powerful car driven by a man who knew how to handle the wheel. Though only a few minutes in the car, I came back to Sally's a very happy kid.

After returning my brother and I were told to go watch TV for a while so the adults could discuss things. Impatiently we attempted to watch TV, only to begin having our own discussion of them. Not knowing what to think of two men together, we figured not to judge a book by its cover since everyone is different. Josh seemed to like them, especially Kevin since he seemed to be more like himself; quiet.

In the living room questions were asked and answered, concerns were voiced but easily rendered leaving only one; Dad. Called into the living room Josh and I quickly came to find Sally standing with a smile.

“Boys; Trevor, Kevin, and I had our discussion and with your approval we would like to have you live with them for a while; for you boys to get to know each other, hopefully enough to be inseparable like a family.â€

After hearing this you can imagine how fast the two of us ran to gather our things; finally having a place to call home since we barely had one before. It wasn’t hard nor did it take long to pack since we had only been here a week or so. Within minutes we were ready and standing at the door like dogs ready for a walk. Saying our thanks and goodbyes to Sally wasn’t hard since we knew we would continue to see here every week until she knew we were settled and happy. Well, at least it wasn’t hard for us. Sally however, nearly suffocated us with hugs.

“If you boys are ready, and poor Sally is willing to release you, we can load up and be on our way home. It is an hour drive so best to leave before dark†Trevor stated as he picked up our things and gave a teasing look to Kevin.

“You know I can drive in the dark just as well as you old man, I just don’t like to†Kevin sneered back, sticking his tongue out.

Josh and I climbed into the escalade to stay together on our way to their home since the Audi could only fit two. After packing our things into the truck, Kevin hopped in and started the car. Turning around he smiled at us and made sure we were strapped in before pulling away. Waving our goodbyes to Sally we started on our way to a new home, a new life, and possibly a new family.

It wasn’t long before the both of us were asleep in the back, as highways and long car rides put us to sleep easily, not to mention how comfortable the seats were during that sleep. Close to an hour later we started to slow down and come into a suburban area, waking up Josh and I started to look around. Beautifully cut lawns, Shiny cars, and elegant houses lined the streets. Kids were out at play; running through sprinklers, riding their bikes and one boy was helping his dad work on their car in the driveway. I know what you’re thinking right now; this is the classic “dream lifeâ€; Parents, one boy, one girl, and a dog all living nicely in a modern house in a fancy neighborhood. Well hey, did we choose this, did we grow up living here, and is this even that perfect picture when we now have *** parents? I really hope it is even though it’s a cliché.

Pulling into a large driveway, Kevin parked the car outside the garage and announced we were home. Stepping out we were guided around to the front of the house by Trevor as Kevin unpacked and brought our things inside. Trevor explained this was their dream home; five bedrooms, four baths, a very large kitchen and living area with room enough for kids to thrive. Touring the house was an adventure, every room was decorated perfectly, and even the kid’s rooms were ready to go. Telling us we could each have our own room or stay together gave us a hard decision. We chose to stay in separate rooms; however they shared a bathroom so we could always walk between our rooms to see each other.

We continued our tour of the house, seeing the weight room/ media room, the office, the guest room, and ended in the foyer in which our suit cases sat waiting for us to take to the rooms we had chosen. Told to only leave them in our rooms we came back downstairs for a little meeting. Sitting on the couch across from Trevor and Kevin they began explain a few things to us.

“Now boys, Trevor and I have not lived here long or ever fostered children, so I want you two to know how special you are as our first kids. We have always wanted children but wanted to give them a good life no matter what spectrum they came from. This is our dream house as Trevor may have told you, and we wish it to stay that way, not only externally, but internally between the four of us. We have come up with a few ground rules but also want your input on what you see fairly†Standing up Trevor took over.

“In this house we want mutual respect; there won’t be any running around yelling, petty fighting, name calling, or invading others privacy. A few chores are expected of you since this is a very large house to maintain. We do have a house cleaner that comes in every week to look after larger tasks, but everyday things like laundry, picking up our rooms, and dishes are our responsibility as a team. A bedtime for you both will be at nine, and once you are thirteen Nathan, that will be moved to ten. Do you boys agree to these things, if you see something unfair or wish to add please do.â€

Look at one another, Josh and I shook our heads in agreement to their rules. With that all said we were allowed to stay up later tonight being it was a Friday night and it had already passed nine. Josh and I unpacked our things, barely making dents on what seemed like endless closets and drawers to our small amounts of clothes. A lot of what we would need was already in place for us in our rooms and bathroom, so adding our own items only made it better.

A sniffle came from my brother in the other room. Walking in there I saw him sitting on the bed hold a framed picture of mom he had taken from the house. I had one packed away too, but not knowing that he had one game me no time to prepare on how to handle him. I quickly sat next to him putting my arms around him. I slowly released his grip from the frame, once detached from him he clutched to me and started crying. Even though it had been a few years since mom had passed away, I knew we both missed her more than ever with what has been happening. She would have been there holding us both if she could, but at least she would always be there in our dreams.

Kevin knocked on the door and entered my room since I had not answered, finding us sitting together in Josh’s room he quickly connected the dots after seeing the picture sitting on the bed.

“ I know it must be hard for you boys moving to a new place you don’t know, with people you don’t know, but I know your mom would want you boys happy and living your childhood instead of thinking of the past. This is a fresh start for you boys, and I want you to know were always here for you to talk to, be comforting arms, and give you advice. A good night’s rest should help you settle in, so let’s get to sleep ok guys?â€

Agreeing, I gave my brother a kiss on the cheek and placed the picture on the table next to his bed. Kevin tucked Josh into bed and turned off the light as he walked me out to my bedroom.

“Nathan I know it must be hard being the older brother and what you did in there for him was awesome. Even though you are strong for him, Trevor and I are here to be strong for you if you ever need us ok?†He squeezed my shoulder a bit and said goodnight, closing the door on his way out.

Edit 3:

I lay in bed for some time, thinking about mom and how she was always strong for us, always there to listen and not judge, loving us no matter what we did or said. It was as if time slowed when I thought of her, running through pictures of us together in my mind. Before I knew it I had been just laying there with the light on for over an hour. Rolling over I turned off the bedside lamp, removed my shirt and crawled under the new covers.

I woke up early the next morning to the sun directly in my eyes since I had forgotten to close the blinds. It was only six, but I figured with that strong of an awakening I wouldn’t get back to sleep. Rather than attempting to sleep again, I grabbed some clothes out of the drawers and went to shower for the day. This was no usual shower I quickly realized; a small panel on the wall seemed to control the shower. Pressing the power button it roared to life spraying a lot of water jets. Pressing all the lit up buttons as fast as I could to not wake my brother, all that was left was a gentle rain head that OH MAN I loved. No more having to turn around and around to have water warm you up or wash you off, simply stand under it and your entire body was washed! Then again I never did like water dripping down my face, so a little adjusting was necessary.

Stepping out of the amazing shower with my eyes closed and drying my hair was one mistake I learned too late when remembering the bathroom was shared with my brother’s room.

“Hogging the shower much†Josh said as he giggled.

Freaking out I quickly covered myself “Get out damn youâ€

Giggling, he quickly ran out with me slamming the door behind him and locking it this time. I finished drying off and dressing before going into his room and wrestling him to the ground for what he had done.

“Come here you little s***, I’m gonna kill you for that one†I said as I chased him up and over his bed, tackling him to the ground.

“Oh no fair, you’re the one that didn’t lock the door and woke me up†he yelled as he squirmed from under me.

“Serves you right you little pervert, coming in there while I’m in the showerâ€

“Well I need a shower too and you were hogging it†he whined back.

“Oh you need a shower too do you†I said with a twinge of evil in my voice and smile.

“NO, you wouldn’t dare, PLEASE NO†he screamed and laughed, clawing at anything he could as I carried him, or more dragged him into the shower, not caring that I would get my clothes wet with him. Turning it on cold I held him under for a minute until he squirmed away from me and ran laughing to his room.

The yelling and screaming of Josh had attracted a crowd, as we had noticed Trevor and Kevin standing in the door way of the bathroom in my bedroom. Both having laughing grins on their faces they turned off the shower behind us.

“I see you two are adjusting well†Trevor laughingly said as he threw towels our way.

“Come down for breakfast when you guys are done drowning each other†Kevin said as they walked out.

Whacking me with a pillow, Josh ran to the bathroom. Not a minute later I had to tell him through the locked door how to turn on the shower. After drying off and changing once again, Josh was finishing his shower telling me he would be downstairs in a minute. I walked down the main staircase, which lead me into the foyer. This house was big and would definitely take some getting used to. Turning and heading down the hall into the kitchen and family room I found Trevor cooking a large breakfast of French toast and fruit. Kevin was sitting out on the back porch drinking coffee watching the sunrise over the hill.

“Hey Nathan, come over here and help me; I need those French toast flipped while I slice up this melonâ€

Looking around a little confused at first, I found my place and took the spatula in hand and slowly tried to turn over the French toast. Failing, the French toast flipped of the square pan and onto the counter next to it. I quickly tried to pick it back up to place it on the pan before he noticed, but laughingly Trevor grabbed my hand with the spatula and guided my hand showing me how it was a simple flick of the wrist to flip the bread. Letting me try the last couple I stumbled, but was successful in helping cook my first breakfast in this house.

Josh came down just as the breakfast finished cooking. I helped bring the food to the table as Trevor went out on the porch. Wrapping his arms around his husband and kissing his cheek, he let Kevin know breakfast was ready. Walking in together holding hands, they sat down at the breakfast table where Josh and I were already serving ourselves. Josh gave a little uncomfortable look, but quickly hid it as to not offend our new parents. I knew I was going to have to have a talk with Josh sooner or later about the new sites he was being exposed to, but as I had little experience seeing it myself, I wasn’t sure on how I would approach him.

Eating the hearty breakfast while the sun came through the giant nook windows was a great start to a long Saturday, since I made the mistake and not realized until it was too late; giving Josh maple syrup. To him maple syrup was like giving a car NOS. I quickly took the syrup away as he was dousing his second helping of French toast in it.

Looking up from eating, Kevin gave a confused look at me since I had rudely grabbed the syrup from Josh. Looking to Josh, he quickly realized with the bounciness and crazed look in his eyes that I was right in doing so. Laughing as if he had once been the same way he returned to eating. This now fully fed energizer bunny on crack would be impossible to wear out.

“Well was that a good breakfast or what guys†Trevor said as we all started picking up the table. “Now Kevin and I do have some plans for us all today if you would like to hear themâ€

Looking at each other and nodding our heads, Kevin told us we were going to go to the local state park for hiking and games. It would be an adventure and a good workout, hopefully enough to put a dent in Josh’s energy. Putting on our shoes and loading into the car, I noticed Trevor giving a small concerned look to Kevin, not sure what it was about, but I knew something was up. Driving there in the Escalade was like shooting a bullet in a metal container; Josh was as juiced up as you could get him. A simple fifteen minute ride along the highway, and along a state park road and we were at the end. Parking in an already crowded parking lot Josh shot right out of the SUV and was ready to go. We filled up some water bottles and Kevin handed us each a thick hiking stick saying that we would use it to help ourselves climb the steep inclines in the paths. We started the hike down what seemed like an endless set of wooden stairs only to start on a long and winding path. Tall trees lined it as if man made, but quickly blended into what seemed like a whole new world. It was a peaceful walk that somehow even calmed Josh. He would pay attention to every noise around him as if attempting to locate it. Kevin would point out things along the way, like how a White Pine and Red pine were different, a few types of plants, and even made up stories about the piles of wood that beavers stacked around the forest. Trevor laughed at how convincing Kevin was trying to be, but told us they were for the controlled burns the state would do to keep the risk of a wild fire down. Holding Josh’s hand I had to many times pull him along with me as he would stop and just stare off into the vast nature around us; lost in his own mind. We continued our hike onto harder and steeper trails. Even though our hike got harder, the beauty never once let up. Waiting at the top of each hill would be a smiling Trevor and Kevin as they commended our teamwork and effort on this workout. The scenery was as gorgeous as could be. Thick natural forests surrounded the hiking trails as if they never existed. Birds and animals moved as if we were not there, the wind danced through the leaves and across the sweat that dripped down our inexperienced heads. We always had to be coached along since we easily got distracted exploring and observing. Reaching the last hill in this large state forest, we moaned as we realized it was again the endless staircase back to the truck. Josh, a little too excited, challenged me to a race to the top without me even speaking. Not knowing that momentum and gravity were a cruel science, Josh began swearing and tripping over his own feet as he went up the steps only to end up completely diving into a wooden step. Kevin being the one trained in First aid and CPR, raced ahead as we all came quickly down the hill to see how bad off Josh was.

“Josh are you alright†Kevin asked concerned.

Grasping his knee “I think I broke it†Josh cried out.

One look from Kevin and Trevor was off like a cheetah to the truck only to return a minute later with a red bag.

“It’s going to be fine Josh; you’re a tough little guy, look at the mountain you just conquered. I bet it’s hurting just as much as you†Kevin kidded as he opened the bag.

Reaching in Kevin quickly pulled out bandages and disinfectants. It was like watching a medic; quick and precise in movements Kevin patched up Josh, showing him that it was just a few cuts to muscular areas that had locked up and bruised with his fall. Slinging the bag over his chest, Kevin picked Josh up. We walked slowly back to the car sitting Josh on the back bumper of the Escalade, Trevor handed us a snack as they went off to talk.

“You doing alright man, you ate s*** pretty good on that hill†I said as I wrapped my arm around him.

“Jerk…that s*** hurt like hell but I’m doing fine, just hope I didn’t ruin the rest of the plans Kevin had†he said concerned.

“I’m sure you’re more important to him than having a good time, and even if we can’t continue here today, I guarantee they have more tricks up their sleevesâ€

~~~This is the story i have been slloooooowwwwly writing for years perfecting each word over and over, though this is only 10% of the story, i hope this is enjoyed by many :) Please bare with me if there are spelling mistakes or context mistakes as this is my ONLY story and my FIRST, so im new at this still.


(grief popo)









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Just wondering are we meant to be bothered to ready that?! I havn't read a full page of a novel in my like

Yes, you are. Most staff have read it, and loved it. And I am surprised you haven't read a full page in a novel in your life... Honestly, that's kind of sad, you need to start reading now! I've read more than 150 books in my life, and during my summer vacation, my school has made me read 3 French novels, 2 English novels, 2 Germain and 1 Chinese. And I've read them all.

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Just wondering are we meant to be bothered to ready that?! I havn't read a full page of a novel in my like

I've read lot's of stuff. And I'm not kidding when I say that reading certain stories can change you. Changes your outlook on life, and most importantly, it's enjoyable. Now out of all the stuff I've ever read, I can say that you're missing out if you skip this. I've never read something so awesome, that's... not a real book? I seriously can't wait for any other addition to this. I don't believe that you've never read a novel before. Not even a full page of one? I'm pretty sure that's not possible. But if you really haven't, read this. I can't think of any person who wouldn't love it.

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So you're saying I'm sad because I don't read books....Well I read a book called"private peaceful"the only book I read and liked.....the reason I don't like books is unknown.

Ok, well at least Private Peaceful is a good book. I liked it too (and I have read it ;)) You should read some more Micheal Morpurgo if you liked it!

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