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They are simple but maybe make a transparent background and also please don't talk about mechris on JR anymore as he has been banned and we need to move on from that incident and not mention him again

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maybe you could add some minecraft fan art

I was thinking the same thing. @, I think you should keep the current logo design but experiment with the Minecraft logo's colours and work from there :)

From there, you could add a tree on top of your 'M' and little Steves on the blocks to the right of the 'M'. I think that would be awesome to see :D

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GUYS I need a Good colour scheme.

I designed a new logo, just with fancier effects and some new colours. I still dont like the colours, so I need you guys to help me find some good ones that go well together.


BTW the weird square thing is a mistake I made, i cant seem to take it off, just ignore it.

I don't really like the colour scheme, but its a good start :) May I ask if the colour scheme you've chosen is random or thoroughly thought about?

It was random at first, butt then i noticed it made the french flag so I kept it :P


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I think the way you've designed it is great and I also think that you shouldn't apply a colour scheme to it. What you should try is remove the shadow from each of the, let's call them, objects. From there what you want to do is turn the image into a 2D Minecraft world. So simply find the default texture for dirt, stone and the ores and what you want to do is place the textures (which should be squares of 8x8 or however large) over your current design :)

Tell me if you have trouble understanding what I mean. Don't worry its not your fault. I don't understand myself some times either, but anyway :P

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I'm working on it :P

But I dont have chris's or zolacolor's skin :P


Zolacolor and Mechris445

EDIT (@Zolacolor): Chris is Mechris445, not ChrisRacer24. I've removed the ChrisRacer24 skin.

EDIT (@): Right, I've fixed that - thanks :)

You might as well just Right Click & 'Save Link As', because they will not display in the browser. If you open these (in the same or a new tab/window), they will just present a download box.

EDIT: The skins server has been crashing a LOT lately; if you attempt to get these and it just says that the 'picture cannot be displayed because it contains errors' or something of that nature, that means the skins server is currently down. :\

Edited by Tim
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