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What do you do when JR/Minecraft status goes down?


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Order of what happens when JR or Minecraft crashes...

1. I swear and try and try again.

2. Find out why and how to fix if clientside

>JR down

3. Call barber!

4. Call Jamie!

5. Cry...

6. Watch movie

>Minecraft Session down

3. CRY...

4. Alert all others to stay on as long as possible

5. Try to log in again...

6. Play single player (EW)


1. Swear and try again

2. Check MC status

3. Cry and actually start cleaning room for college...


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That could not be more true :blink: nothing else to do but rage about it for me... JR does not go down, it simply does NOT happen. And when it does happen... all that stuff XD You know what this is? Some kind of guidebook! Everyone! When JR is down, come here and follow the directions! Everything will be alright.

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Call Jamie.. then shout "Fix it, Fix it Fix it, Fix it Fix it, Fix it Fix it, Fix it Fix it, Fix it Fix it, Fix it " Then show him this song:

Then repat the chorus to him.... "Fix it, Fix it Fix it, Fix it Fix it, Fix it Fix it, Fix it Fix it, Fix it Fix it, Fix it"Then Jamie shall sing to his servers Coldplay - Fix You
"And I will try to fix you" while stroking his monitor with SSH up... And then he shall Jump to his guitar and blast some tunes. The epictosity coming from him beats the server back online. The only reason why it is down is because the server is hooked on Jamie's tunes and starts going though withdraws.. Edited by System
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