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Spleef jousting!


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Because the spleef arena wasn't set up, I got to work and made a spleef arena myself. Now, the arena was quite long, and I thought of some designs.

"A line in the middle, hmm. Hey, it looks like a jousting arena! That's a great idea!"

Right now it's like an average local arena; small and dull. But if I get positive feedback, I can make a huge arena with maybe 4 teams!

Rules are simple: Stay in your lane as long as you can. Don't set traps, we're *jousting*, and lances don't dig holes instantly.

Have fun! /warp spleefjousting

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I think he meant his idea as a supplement to yours; his would be exactly what jousting is, and since God Mode isn't allowed on in arenas (for obvious reasons), you can just punch players while you spleef, therefore making it spleef jousting.

I've seen the kinds of posts you're describing Connor, but I do not believe AIK meant his this way (nor have I ever seen him do that).

Personally I think your idea is very cool, and his makes sense to add to it. :)

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