How would you change the server if you were the owner?

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If I was owner I would...... oh.... That's right... :3 I am owner ;)

I would give Jamie a big hug cause he would be awesome as a member. *Adds topic what would you do if you were a normal JR Member* (Only Jamie posts)

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First order of business would be to extract every diamond known to Minecraftia. When the other members ask where the diamonds are, I shall drop the diamond ore on their heads. So they are crushed beneath their own dreams. I would proceed to explain to them the meaning of that metaphor, and the meaning of life. Which, of course, involves diamonds. Anyone who questions my reasoning will be banned by my diamond ban hammer, which contains the diamonds of their dreams, further advertising my obscure philosophy.

Makes a whole lot of sense. I wouldn't change much with the plugins and the forums :P that's already awesome.

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