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Winter Building Competition - Entries

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Hello JR,

In a bid to continue the success we had with the Wipeout Contest, the Events Team brings to you the Winter Building competition! The theme for the competition will be winter. This can be anything related to winter such as snow men, Christmas and any other related holidays.

Guidelines & Rules

  • This event will go on from 2 December, 2012 to 28 December, 2012. No entries will be entertained after 28 December, 2012 (00:00 GMT).
  • You may not violate any of JR's rules in your project.
  • Your build cannot be smaller than 10x10 however it can be as big as you may choose it to be.
  • You may have a maximum of two people in a group, without the prizes being shared.
  • You may not steal a build from any other player or copy a build from another player. It must be as original as possible.
  • Your build can be on any of JR's servers in any world. The world you build it in will not effect your chances of winning.
  • Please follow the format below when entering:

Entry #1

Minecraft IGN:

Screenshots: (optional)

Warp: /warp [warp name]

Server: JR Craft/NL Tekkit


  • Take your time with your project. You have till the 28th, so don't rush it.
  • Ask Helpers or a premium member if you would like a warp to be set. If none are available, Moderators or above will make one for you.
  • If you require lava or water placing in creative, ask a Helper or above and they should be able to do it for you.


First place: 1 month Premium & 20,000 coins & Dota 2 & FTL

Second place: 20,000 coins & Dota 2

Third place: 15,000 coins

Submit your entry below.

This topic is for entries only - do not post anything else.

EDIT: This topic will automatically lock at 12:00am on the 28th (tommorrow), since that will be the deadline for applications - make sure you post your entry here before that happens if you want to enter!

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