It is time for me to leave.

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Well, we'll miss you, mate. I'm not talking from a first person point of view, I'm talking on behalf of all the players that you have met over the months (of course I'll be seeing you daily in real life lol). Introducing you to Jamie's Rebellion and Minecraft itself has been a great pleasure... Although I still don't believe you about finding a server better that JR Craft Vanilla.. It's impossible! JR Craft Vanilla, put simply, is the best server (regardless of modpacks and so on) that you can ever find, and I'm sure that anypony would agree. But, it's your opinion, if you've found a server that suits you better than JR Craft, farewell. From us all.

It has been remarkable to see a rookie who didn't know how to craft planks, evolve into such a MineCraft oriented knowledgeable person as you are today. Especially tekkit... A few months of Vanilla and you're onto the Big Cheese... It's amazing. Also, it's good to hear that you'll be lurking on the forums every now and then. It's always a nostalgic experience for me; reading my posts from early March 2012. I hope you'll find passion in doing so, too. It's extremely sad to see you leave, but the brightest hopes for the future. At least there's still a chance that you'll be on in the future. Enjoy your MineCraft journey, wherever it takes you. Lots of love from Georgia and I. Bye Bailey!


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