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Dota 2 - Vision is blurry!



Hey guys,

Please excuse me as I am in a bit of a rush now.  Anyway, I recently just got Dota 2 on Steam (Thanks Caly!) and Crossover (Thanks Chris!).  However.  When I play Dota 2 on steam, the gam is blurry, and it doesn't seem to load a lot.  I'll show you:




That's the options menu :\


Anyway, I'll add to this post when I have more time.  But if anyone could help me, I would highly appreciate it.




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It's crossover causing this. Crossover wasn't really ever made for porting games. While you may be able to tweak crossover to be able to play the game I wouldn't be so sure as in getting it working at a decent FPS. It's like trying to get GTA running on linux with crossover, while it'll run you'll only be able to get 5 FPS - 10 FPS on a decent computer that'd run the game at max specs if not using crossover.


They are trying to port Dota2 on to the mac though. You could look at this:



Hope that helps,


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a decent computer


ie, NOT a Mac :P



Lies - you've been told what the problem was. XD You could always create a small partition on your hdd for a linux install, and run Steam on Ubuntu. Caly might be able to tell you if Dota 2 will run well on it or not.


EDIT: In your screen in the OP, that isn't blurry - it is at a ridiculously high resolution. You should be able to change that value in an options file somewhere, but I personally don't know where it is.

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