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Hey guys,


Well on our new website we had to put a stupid cookie law message, well to begin with I'd like to say we removed the fucker. Mind the language but this has to be the most pile of shit ever.


Therefore. From today we won't be complying with a stupid law, till companies such as Facebook, Google etc also comply. 


We don't believe it a necessity to get every website to say OMG WE USE DAMN FUCKING COOKIES! *panic* *dispare*, yada yada yada....


It's a text file. That's it. A stupid text file. That says if your logged in or not at JR. We don't even use google analytics that uses cookies to track users, we use AWStats, so either way. Sue us... Because we ain't going to adhere to the level of idiocy you guys in government have.




500,000 the max fine, well seriously at this stage bring it. We ain't tracking users. We ain't doing anything wrong. If anything your the ones doing things wrong. Start waking up to reality. Everyone knows about cookies now. 


Goverment < Cookie Monstah

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yeah! I hate the stupid :info:  message :ph34r:  'we use cookies' of course you use cookies every website does and  its not as if you can't work them with your settings to stop tracking, of which achieves what, that you like going on eBay before going on to YouTube.... oh no :o  this is terrible I most call the police :P  not  all cookie info is stored on your PC so i can just delete it

and I personally love that fact that your telling the :ph34r: EU were to stick it, :)  

like come on the rest of the world has to hear what the rest of the still free world already knows and see's little need in worrying about

corkscrew the EU!  :)

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I must say, of the (maybe) three sites I saw following that "law", ours was the best. I mean, we had cookie monster! Only way that could have gotten better is if his eyes were red and he had a pitchfork, and maybe some fire around him and horns on his head. Wait.... idea....


If we do ever get a complaint from the I.C.O about us getting fined I will do that.

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